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The ADR-04-Mk.XV Super Defender is an anti-aircraft Destroid seen in Macross The Ride.


A redesigned version of the an anti-aircraft interception Destroid ADR-04-Mk.X Destroid Defender used during Space War I. Even though the Super Defender's exterior is the same as its older iteration, it is in fact an updated unit due to having exchanged its older radar for an improved GRU-53 Radar Unit that was developed in 2053. The newly installed linear actuators were taken from the Advanced Valkyrie Fighter (AVF) technology, along with a superior fire-support AI which provides high-speed and precise target tracking performance.

This second generation Destroid is also far cheaper to produce than a variable fighter and has a higher rate of operation. It has ultimately proven to be invaluable for defense for emmigrant fleets and colony worlds.

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