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The AIF-7S (QF-4000) Ghost is a drone fighter seen in the Macross Frontier television series.

Development[edit | edit source]

The QF-4000 (AIF-7S) Ghost is the current unmanned aerial combat vehicle utilized by the New United Nations Spacy and other agencies such as the Strategic Military Services (S.M.S.). Based upon the X-9 Ghost built in 2040, the prototype QF-4000 (AIF-7S) Ghost took first flight in 2044 at New Edwards Test Center on planet Eden. The QF-4000 (AIF-7S) Ghost began mass production in 2045 and was deployed to support the VF-171 Nightmare Plus variable fighter/bombers.

Technology & Combat Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The QF-4000 (AIF-7S) Ghost features high-maneuverability compared to the VF-171 Nightmare Plus and since the QF-4000 (AIF-7S) is unmanned, the lack of life-support and manned-maneuvering systems results in a much lighter airframe. In combat, the QF-4000 (AIF-7S) Ghost is typically remote operated via fold communication link to a mother ship or electronic warfare craft such as the RVF-25 Messiah. The NEC/LAI Corporation built SA/A-2045 FCS2 computer of the QF-4000 (AIF-7S) Ghost operates airframe control and attack sequences while the mother ship or electronic warfare craft provides simple instructions and attack authorization. In the event that guidance from the mother ship or electronic warfare craft is severed, the Ghost will operate in combat via prior programmed instructions.

The QF-4000 (AIF-7S) Ghost is limited in maneuverability only by the airframe itself and performs beyond what is possible for most human-piloted mecha, including effectively fighting in formations with fellow Ghost craft. However, the QF-4000 (AIF-7S) Ghost is vulnerable to ECM and if the integrated sensors are blocked, the craft is at a great disadvantage to adapt to new situations. Nonetheless, as both easy and inexpensive to build, many immigration fleets choose to deploy the QF-4000 (AIF-7S) Ghost as the primary aerospace force.

Armament[edit | edit source]

Standard[edit | edit source]

  • RÖV-25 25mm beam machine guns (mounted left/right of forward fuselage) x 2
  • Built-in micro-missile launchers (large amounts of missiles can be stored inside the airframe) x 2
  • Multi-purpose missile launchers (large amounts of missiles can be stored inside the airframe) x 2
  • Underside fuselage hard points (can be equipped with large-sized anti-ship reaction warhead x 2

Variants[edit | edit source]

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