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A Shocking Debut Show (衝撃 デビューステージ Shōgeki Debyū Sutēji?) is Mission 04 of Macross Δ. It first aired on Tokyo MX in Japan on April 24, 2016.


The time comes to Freyja's first concert as a member of Walküre, as well as Hayate's first sortie as a member of the Delta Flight. Everything runs well until the Aerial Knights strike again, while at the same time causing a mass Vár Syndrome outbreak. Mikumo and Freyja begin singing in unison to stop the outbreak, and the other Walküre observe how Freyja's song seems to amplify Mikumo's, managing to suppress the Vár outbreak on their own. Meanwhile, the Aerial Knights reveal that while they have been distracting Walküre and Delta Flight, they had successfully seized a different planet with their army and announce a declaration of war from the Kingdom of Wind to the New United Nations Government.


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