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Aerial Knights Operator (空中騎士団オペレーター) is an original character from the Macross Δ Scramble video game. He is an operator among the ranks of the Aerial Knights.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Though mainly serious in demeanor, he is very vocal about his impressions of the pilots he handles, especially those whom he thinks gets the forces organized very well[1].

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

He is efficient with relaying information for every combat situation, but does not use some standard protocol lingo since Windermere is using a system that is slightly different from conventional CICs.


An unnamed operator from Windermere tasked with providing CIC backup to Victor Halmstadt, Dominic Udette and the rest of the Aerial Knights. Should the need arise, he can also assist the other pilots of the Macross series.


Notes & TriviaEdit

  • In certain missions, he will serve as the substitute commentator on enemy unit damage status for large warships or if the main pilot, wingman or support character is the same as one of the enemy aces. There are some missions that do not follow the latter pattern however.


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