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Alice Holiday (アリス・ホリディ) is a jazz and blues singer that appeared in the Macross 7 television series. She charted prominently on City 7's Galactic Network Chart, and is a big inspiration to Mylene Flare Jenius.

Personality & Character

You see, I'm like a canary who forgot how to sing. It's best to just toss me out.

—Alice Holiday

In a stark contrast to her outwardly confident celebrity persona, Alice as seen as dispirited and unmotivated, shunning the public eye. She has been considering leaving the music industry behind permanently. This is further aggravated when her Spiritia is drained by a Protodeviln vampire. She ultimately regains her vigor and motivation after a fateful meeting with Mylene Flare Jenius and Basara Nekki.


Alice Holiday is a popular artist whose work regularly made it to the Top 10 charts of City 7. She indirectly served as Mylene's inspiration to take up music with her hit single "Galaxy".

Despite releasing her latest album "Tea with Alice" and being at the height of her career, Alice was depressed and seemingly forgot her reason for singing. She ran into Mylene by chance while escaping from her staff before a scheduled concert, hitching a ride on the latter's car. A Varauta vampire followed them and drained Alice remaining Spiritia, hoping to use her in an experiment to see if humans indeed have the power to regenerate it as per Geperuniti's vision in a dream.

Mylene tries hard to cheer her up by singing Fire Bomber's new song, "Sweet Fantasy". Basara and the rest soon catch up with them, holding a mini-concert for down-in-the-dumps diva. When Alice's Spritia increases, the vampires attempt to capture her, mistakenly thinking that she's a rare self-regenerating Spiritia specimen. Basara was able to sortie in his VF-19 Kai in time to help the band escape, drive the vampires off and also help Alice to restore her motivation to sing in the process.

Alice later reappears working alongside Akiko Houjoh to see if she could be a feasible substitute for Mylene in Fire Bomber. Their efforts fail, proving that Mylene was irreplaceable as a member of the band and Sound Force.


Songs Composer Lyrics Arrangement Vocals Albums
Galaxy Katsumi Yamaura Brian Peck Hidemi Sakashita Alice Holiday Macross 7 Fire Bomber Galaxy Network Vol.1


Notes & Trivia

  • As shown in the 3rd episode of Macross 7: Encore, "Which One Do You Love?", Mylene and Basara first ran into each other while watching an Alice Holiday performance shown by an outdoor monitor in the city.
  • Before rising to the top, Alice used to live in Akusho, the undocumented sector of City 7 and also the place where Basara and Ray currently reside.
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