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Boobytrap (ブービー·トラップ Būbī Torappu) is the first episode of Super Dimension Fortress Macross, it first aired on October 3, 1982 in Japan.


In 1999, a giant alien spacecraft crash-lands on South Ataria Island. Humanity proceeds to attempt to rebuild this marvel, but political conflicts centered around the "Macross" result in a global war. After 10 years, the "Unification Wars" are finally over, the new Earth United Nations Government is in power, and work on the Macross is complete. On the day of the launching ceremony, its main cannon fires on its own, destroying an alien spacecraft. This fateful day marks the beginning of the war between the humans on the Macross and the Zentradi, a race of humanoid aliens of giant proportions [1].


Act One

In 1999, a massive object from the heavens falls to the Earth, crashing on South Ataria Island in the Pacific. During its rebuilding by human hands, the struggles of establishing the world government occur. 10 years later, the SDF-1 Macross is about to be launched. Fireworks are fired in celebration, LH-2000 helicopters fly around the Macross and the CVS-101 Prometheus aircraft carrier. Aircraft fly in synchronization. The mayor of Macross City (a city on South Ataria Island, built around the crash site) is thinking about how it will be gone tomorrow. He and his colleague wonder if the it will even fly but the Mayor is more concerned with the island's economy. Police motorcycles drive by protecting a limousine as the mayor and his colleague watch, it is the captain of the Macross, Bruno J. Global (dressed in lavish ceremonial wear) and a Politician, who as the mayor puts it, "yet another Macross big wig", the politician waves at the citizens but Bruno does not, the politician suspects he has a bad hangover. Bruno is persuaded to show appreciation for the citizens have poured in to see the launch of his ship and waves. The limousine reaches the Macross, passing F203 Dragon II and FL-200 Mistral aircraft parked on the island, also there is a VF-1A Valkyrie. On the bridge of the Macross, First Lieutenant Misa Hayase enters, meeting First Lieutenant Shammy Milliome, the other Macross operators and Second Lieutenant Claudia LaSalle, they all wonder where Captain Global is. The bridge bunnies begin to engage in some banter. Suddenly, Second Lieutenant LaSalle points out that First Lieutenant Hayase's screens have picked something up. First Lieutenant Hayase sees that is is an unidentified aircraft approaching on heading 1057. She requests the pilot to state his affiliation. It is Hikaru Ichijyo, Invite #10-21. He is guest of Major Focker who has come to see the launch of the Macross. First Lieutenant Hayase orders him to proceed along heading 1069, he acknowledges. An Announcer introduces an aerobatic demonstration by the U.N. Spacy's newest and most powerful fighters. The announcer presents Major Roy Focker, ace pilot of the Unification Wars, to provide commentary.

The audience are amazed by the Angel Birds led by Max Jenius. Roy tells the audience to keep their eye on planes #1 and #2 because they'll be passing each-other only 20 meters off the ground at 150 kilometers per hour and the planes will only be just a few meters apart. Hikaru flies his Fan Racer into the presentation, frustrating the Major, the audience (among them, Lynn Minmay and Yoshio) laugh at their conversation. Hikaru follows the Valkyries, flying vertically. The audience are impressed even more as is Roy who's simultaneously angry at Hikaru's boost to an inverted climb maneuver that he actually taught Hikaru. Hikaru walks with Roy past an FL-200 and both boast about their achievements. Getting cans of Petite Cola for himself and Roy, Hikaru reminds Roy of the promise of returning to Hikaru's dad's stunt team after the war, Roy apologizes and tells Hikaru that he'd have to fly a fighter plane to understand. Hikaru notices how much his Senpai has changed. The vending machine moves and they see Yoshio wanting a cola from Minmay, who refuses as he just drank some juice. He gets the urge to go to the bathroom and so Minmay takes him. As she walks Yoshio to the bathroom, Roy stares at her skirt and grins, Hikaru realizes that at least one thing about his Senpai hasn't changed. A Nupetiet-Vergnitzs-class Fleet Command Battleship folds out into orbit above Earth, with several other ships. Exsedol Folmo tells Vrlitwhai Kridanik that the D-Fold signature of the ship of their enemies was tracked to this planet and there's no sign of a re-fold. Vrlitwhai thought that the Supervision Army would've left this system 8 terms ago, but they didn't so he thinks it could be another downed vessel, Exsedol agrees with that possibility. Vrlitwhai orders a reconnaissance mission. A single Picket Patrol Ship moves closer to the planet where Roy's letting Hikaru check out a VF-1D, he's even willing to let Hikaru fly one with himself in the back seat for safety. The Politician makes a speech, Captain Global's standing behind and is informed by an officer about a message from the ARMD-01 Space Carrier and decides to go to the bridge via elevator just as the Politician is about to introduce him as commander of the Macross. On the bridge, Second Lieutenant LaSalle's shocked to see the Macross's original systems are all powering themselves up and are switching over to firing mode.

Act Two

First Lieutenant Hayase tells Second Lieutenant LaSalle to shut down all systems, but they are not responding and so the Macross continues to power up its cannon. Captain Global arrives on the bridge, banging his head on the door with his large hat as he enters. The Macross's main cannon self-activates and it fires a beam across the Pacific water, surpassng the Earth's curvature and into space, destroying two Picket Patrol Ships, one of which apparently joined the other one on the reconnaissance mission ordered by Vrlitwhai. This confirms Vrlitwhai's findings, the ship of their enemies was indeed hiding on the planet below. Vrlitwhai orders the units under his command into striking position, his Nupetiet-Vergnitzs-class Fleet Command Battleship, accompanied by a Thuverl-Salan-class Battleship, move into a lower orbit. On the bridge of the SDF-1, Second Lieutenant Lasalle confirms that the ship's systems are finally back under their controls, but there's now a huge gap in South Ataria Island. Hikaru saw the beam and called it it a "flashy salute". Hikaru now prepares the take off in the VF-1D with Roy guiding him but Roy decides to find out what the beam from the SDF-1 was, telling Hikaru to stay right there. Shammy reports to Captain Global that they have a Star-class code, First Lieutanant Hayase explains that when the cannon fired, it destroyed craft in lunar orbit 280 000 clicks from their position and that they are now detecting a fleet of unidentified ships approaching rapidly. Captain Global laughs heavily as his suspicion that the aliens that crashed the ship installed a "Boobytrap" has been confirmed. After getting told off by Shammy for attempting to smoke his pipe, Captain Global orders all hands to go to level one alert. As civilians see helicopters leave the Macross, VF-1A Valkyries prepare to take off from South Ataria Island. In space, the UN Spacy are already engaging the new Zentradi aliens in battle. Accompanied by Oberth-class Space Destroyers, the ARMD-01 Space Carrier launches the SF-3A Lancer II Space Fighters. The Space Fighters fire many long range missiles which hit an approaching Thuverl-Salan-class Battleship. Three Thuverl-Salan-class Battleships use their guided beam cannons on the fighters, some are hit but some dodge the beams. ARMD-01 fires Large Missiles at one of the battleships, successfully destroying it.

Seeing that the enemy can destroy their battleships, Vrlitwhai asks Exsedol what weapons they were using but Exsedol hesitates. A Zentradi Soldier tells Vrlitwhai that two enemy vessels are approaching their Fleet Command Battleship, believing that they were the craft that launched the weapons just now. ARMD-01 and ARMD-02 are shown on Vrlitwhai's screen. He decides to hit them back using his Fleet Command Battleship's guided beam cannons. After one attack, he says that those ships don't appear to be part of the Supervision Army and hits the two Space Carriers again, disabling them and the craft inside them, including Spider Bugs and a VF-1A. First Lieutenant Hayase informs Captain Global of a message from ARMD-02 stating they are sustaining minor damage, ARMD-01 is out of commission and the enemy fleet, having broken through the space defense perimeter, are heading on a direct course for the Macross. Captain Global comments that it is ironic as he spent the morning discussing with  the Space Defense Council that should the Macross encounter an alien species, under no circumstances will Earth initiate any hostilities. Captain Global, via First Lieutenant Hayase orders all fighters to scramble. VF-1A Valkyries take off from South Ataria and the Prometheus. Major Focker gets into his VF-1S, going to war for the first time in 2 years. QF-3000E Ghost Fighter-Bombers also take off. Vrlitwhai sees the disorganization around South Ataria island from images sent by the scouts and laughs at the primitive species. But he looks closer at his image and sees that the enemy do have a Supervision Army cruiser. Exsedol has no memory of this particular type of vessel despite being the Chief Archivist. He sees that it resembles the weapons of the planet meaning they discovered the ship and restored it. Vrlitwhai thinks it's preposterous such a primitive species could possess such technology, but it fits the facts and explains the missiles they saw earlier; the legendary reaction weapons, so according to Exsedol, they cannot risk destroying the enemy outright. A soldier informs Vrlitwhai that Gnerl fighter pods have pinpointed their targets and are now launching.

Gnerl Fighter Pods descend from a Quiltra-Queleual-class Landing Ship Tank to Earth's atmosphere, also launching from the ship are Re-Entry Pods carrying various mecha. The Gnerl Fighter Pods fire missiles at the SDF-1. Although two of the Macross's retractable anti-aircraft missile launchers destroy some Gnerl missiles before they hit, a lot of Gnerl missiles hit the Macross's surroundings, injuring many personnel. Hikaru, who stayed in the cockpit as Major Focker said, is sleeping. First Lieutenant Hayase appears on his screen, wondering why his VF-1D (VT-102) hasn't taken off from the Display Grounds. The puzzled Hikaru tries to leave, but personnel fit VT-102 with a gunpod, preparing him for launch, despite the mess the runaway's in. A man closes the cockpit and Hikaru accepts he must now fight. He screams while flying through the explosions, there's fear in his eyes as he sees Gnerl's triple-barrel beam gun destroying a VF-1A. Skull Leader Major Focker, appears on his screen. Major Focker tells all fighters in the Sepia and Mont flights to scatter the enemy units in Zone 428. Realizing his Senpai's the Skull Leader, Hikaru hails Major Focker. Major Focker asks him when he became a fighter pilot, but he believes he'd never become one. He screams as he comes off of Major Focker's screen but he's ok. Major Focker tells him to keep it level, and fly in formation like in an airshow. Major Focker casually launches missiles on a Gnerl approaching VT-102. He can't believe Major Focker can be so laid back in a time like this. Major Focker jokes that in airshows, he'd would always be in front with Hikaru puttering behind. Hikaru shouts that he won't be behind Major Focker forever, Major Focker praises his spirit and leads the way. He sweeps VT-102's wings back but he's hit by beams from a Gnerl. He blanks out, flashing back to when he was piloting Fokker D.VII biplanes. Remembering Roy in a biplane waving goodbye, he wakes up to find VT-102 spinning towards the ground. First Lieutenant Hayase hails and orders him to veer off immediately. He fails to do so. Realizing he's a civilian, First Lieutenant Hayase guides him. Limbs appear from VT-102. When landing, he crushes three buildings but stops when VT-102's hands pull down an electrical transmission tower, crushing a fourth building. VT-102 lies in rubble in a humanoid mode, it stands up in front of a restaurant.



# Character
1 Mayor00:04:26:06
2 Mayor's Sycophant00:04:26:06
3 Politician00:04:46:01
4 Bruno J. Global00:05:53:01
5 Misa Hayase00:05:19:19
6 Shammy Milliome00:05:22:01
7 Kim Kabirov00:05:19:19
8 Claudia LaSalle00:05:31:18
9 Vanessa Laird00:06:13:01
10 Hikaru Ichijyo00:06:34:12
11 Announcer00:06:50:22
12 Roy Focker00:06:58:23
13 Maximilian Jenius00:07:05:19
14 Yoshio00:07:37:21
15 Lynn Minmay00:07:37:21
16 Vrlitwhai Kridanik00:10:53:07
17 Exsedol Folmo00:10:53:07
18 Technical Official00:11:48:00


# Mecha
1 SDF-1 Macross00:00:28:23
2 CVS-101 Prometheus00:04:04:03
3 LH-200000:03:59:03
4 F203 Dragon II00:05:11:01
5 FL-200 Mistral00:05:11:01
6 VF-1A Valkyrie00:05:16:10
7 Fan Racer00:06:34:12
8 VF-1A Valkyrie Angel Birds00:07:02:23
9 Nupetiet-Vergnitzs-class00:10:19:08
10 Quiltra-Queleual-class00:10:38:08
11 Thuverl-Salan-class00:10:38:15
12 Picket Patrol Ship00:10:41:07
13 VF-1D Valkyrie00:11:22:21
14 ARMD-0100:15:29:20
15 Oberth-class00:15:29:20
16 SF-3A Lancer II00:15:29:20
17 ARMD-0200:15:59:23
18 Spider Bug00:16:59:08
19 VF-1S Valkyrie00:17:45:20
20 Gnerl00:19:05:07
21 Re-Entry Pod00:19:09:10
22 Fokker D.VII00:22:00:04


In the year 1999, a huge object fell from the heavens. A gigantic space battleship over 1200 m in length. Further investigation proved that the technology that drove this ship far surpassed mankind's own, and while no trace of alien beings could be found on board, the ship itself was clear proof that not only did life exist beyond our planet, but that it had made the stars its battlefield. In response, a united Earth government was formed and its first priority was the restoration of the alien spacecraft. But the task of establishing a world government was by no means an easy one and pockets of intense and armed resistance erupted across the face of the world. Despite this, restoration of the battleship progressed steadily and when the long and painful Unification Wars came to an end, and the Earth was again at peace, the alien battleship, rebuilt by human hands was given a new name with which to start its new life, The Macross, it has now been 10 years since the Macross fell to Earth.

—Opening Narration00:01:11:10 to 00:02:23:00

Shammy: Oh there you are m'am! Captain Global has just reached the stage.

Misa: Fifteen minutes 'til the ceremony, and we might just make it after all. I swear, what is that man been doing all this time.

Claudia: Oh, out partying would be my guess. He did mention an Earth Defense Commitee meeting when he left last night, that old fox!

Misa: Unlike you of course.

Claudia: And just what does that mean?

Misa: It means you and Major Focker were out late, and when you got home, it was together.

Claudia: Haha, okaay. So I'm tired I'll be fine.

Misa: You may be fine Lieutenant but the Major has to fly escort for the Macross later.

Claudia: Hahaha, please... that man can drink all night with no effect; you've heard him brag how he nailed five fighters hungover during the Unification Wars.

Misa: Well that maybe so but if something were to happen.

Claudia: I guarantee he'll be fine but you know what? You want him? He's all yours! Take him! Go!

Vanessa: Hahahaha, wow! Maybe our First Lieutenant is interested in men.

Kim: Haha! Could've fooled me!

Shammy: Ah, that's just so mean!

Claudia: Poor Lieutenant Hayase, top in her class and still...

Misa: Senior Officer!

Claudia: You better see what your screens picked up, Lieutenant!

Misa: Humph!

—The Bridge Bunnies Banter00:05:20:15 to 00:06:28:10

Roy: Huh? Dammit! Hey, get the hell out of there, is that you Hikaru?

Hikaru: I know that voice! Senpai! It's been a while, how are things?

Roy: How are things? You...

*Yoshio, Minmay and the rest of the audience Laugh*

Roy: little, stop puttering around out there!

*Roy's microphone stand breaks

Hikaru: Huh? That's pretty cold, especially since you invited me here.

*Roy fixes his microphone stand*

Roy: I didn't say fly here in a prop driven scrap heap!

Hikaru: Don't worry it's perfectly safe!

Roy: Cut the crap! Besides, you could never keep up with me, junior. So don't forget your place.

Hikaru: You know, I wont stay in your shadow forever, Senpai.

Roy: What d'you say?

—Hikaru interrupts the performance00:07:26:04 to 00:08:07:00

Roy: Look kid, don't get cocky just because you won the amateur pilot competition two or three times.

Hikaru: Hmm, would you mind adding the other four times to your total there?

Roy: Seven times, big deal! During the Unification Wars, I shot down more than 180 planes!

Hikaru: Murderer!

Roy: Dah! Murderer? It's not like I had a choice about it, it was my job, I swear an oath!

*Hikaru gets to cans of Petite Cola*

Hikaru: Ah-huh, but you made a promise to my dad too, didn't you? That you'd come back to the team after the war.

Roy: Yeah, I let your father down and I'm sorry. But kid, the fact of the matter is, once you've flown a fighter plane, well, if you could pilot one yourself, you'd understand.

Hikaru: You've sure have changed, Senpai.

—Hikaru and Roy boasting about their achievements.00:09:04:17 to 00:09:49:00

Technical Official: Captain Global, we've just received a message from ARMD-01. They say they are detecting gravitational and spectroscopic anomalies originating from a high lunar orbit.

Captain Global: Gravitational anomalies...just like ten years ago.

Technical Official: When the Macross first appeared.

Captain Global: Let's get to the bridge.

—A message from ARMD-0100:11:51:17 to 00:12:08:05

Shammy: Captain! This is a Star-class code.

Misa: She's right, and there's more, Sir! When the cannon fired, it destroyed some kind of craft in lunar orbit 280 000 clicks from here. We're now detecting a fleet of unidentified ships approaching rapidly!

*Captain Global Laughs Loudly*

Misa: Captain?

Captain Global: Haha, We...we fell for it! Haha hahahahahahaha. It was a boobytrap!

Claudia & Misa: A boobytrap?

Captain Global, inserting a pipe into his mouth: German troops often used them in the Second World War. They'd hide explosives in things waiting to be picked up like pens or guns and then retreat, leaving those things behind, and when somebody picked up the object, boom! It was sprung.

Captain Global: I'll bet the aliens who crashed this ship installed an automatic defense system.

*Captain Global pulls out a bag from his pocket*

Shammy: Captain! No somoking on the bridge!

Misa: Oh, Shammy.

Captain Global (putting the bag away): I was just keeping it in my mouth. All hands, go to Level One Alert!

—Captain Global names the episode.00:14:10:21 to 15:16:17

Misa: VT-102, you're on a collision course with us, veer off immediately!

Hikaru: It's no good, the rudders and spoilers are acting crazy, nothing else is responding!

Misa: Then change mode to configuration B.

Hikaru: Huh? B? What is B?

Misa: You don't know?! But that means... ok, pull the B-switch on the left of your console, and engage ACS.

Hikaru: Understood.

—Misa guides Hikaru with landing00:22:22:12 to 00:22:46:08


  1. Macross (OP)00:02:23:00 to 00:03:43:03
  2. Runner (ED) 00:23:59:17 to 00:25:16:00


  • The events of this episode, as well as episode 2 and 3, took place on February 7, 2009.[2]
  • In the first airing of this episode, the animators deliberately inserted no scenes of Hikaru in the VF-1J cockpit in the opening, and only one fleeting shot of the Valkyrie in Battroid mode, substituting other shots in order to keep the Valkyrie's transformation and Hikaru's exploits a surprise until the very end of the episode. However, on home video releases, including the dub, the opening animation is identical to that of second episode.[2]
  • When Misa was talking to Hikaru during the scene where all Valkyries were taking off, she calls his specific VF-1D "VT-102" and the text on the side of his VF-1D states this too, however, the text on the VF-1D right after Hikaru takes off then changes to "VT-1023".
  • After Shammy alerts Captain Global about the Star-class code she detected, text appears on Misa's screen which reads as follows:


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