UNS Asuka II (CVN-99) is an aircraft carrier featured in the Macross Zero OVA.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The aircraft carrier is the most versatile ship on the sea's, capable of carrying out a wide variety of missions from interdiction to assault with its embarked Carrier Air Wing. The problem with an aircraft carrier though is that in a naval battle it is the primary target of an attacking force, and due to its size is a relatively easy to see and hit target. Utilising advanced stealth design and stealth systems the Asuka II Stealth Carrier is capable of reducing its sensor profile to almost nothing in all but the worst situations. This allows the carrier to get its Air Wing of fighters closer to the enemy than other Aircraft Carriers.

Due to its experimental status the Asuka II Carrier is being used as a testbed for the VF-0 Variable Fighter, fielding some 36 VF-0's which are under going sea-tests with their variable systems, and conventional engines

Government: Unified Government Ship Type: Stealth Aircraft Carrier Class: Asuka II Manufacturer: OTEC/Unified Naval Forces

Crew: 5000 Speed: 40 knots

Maximum Range: Unlimited (Nuclear powered)

Length: 515

Mass: water displacement, standard: 431 000 metric tons.

Power Plant: 1 x Westinghouse Electric Corporation A6W Nuclear reactor, improves upon two A4W nuclear reactor used in Nimitz class aircraft carrier; 4 x steam turbines; multi-bladed directional highly-skewed propellers.

Radar Systems: Aegis Control System.


  • Overtechnology (OT) beam gun x 1
  • Phalanx CIWS 20mm x 6
  • VLS missile launcher x 4
  • Aircraft: 36 VF-0 A/D
  • Drone:20 (aprox) QF-2200D Ghost.
  • 1 HWR-00-Mk I Monster.
  • Launched: 01/08/2007
  • Bibliography: Variable Fighter Master File VF-O Phoenix.


Advanced small-scale stealth carrier developed by the Unified Government. Although it was the originally a Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force-constructed standard-power aircraft carrier, it was transferred to the Unified Forces by the Japanese Unification Government group when they joined and completed as a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. It became the de facto mobile base of first VF-0 special duty combat test unit (Skull Team), deployed in 2008. In addition, engineers assigned to the VF-0 development and maintenance were transferred aboard this ship to maintain these difficult units. Two-bridge design. Stealth structure. Complex polyhedron island design.

Naming Reference Edit

There is an element of grim humor in the naming of the CVN-99 Asuka II - at the time of the release of the Anime OVA Series, the M.S. Asuka remained a well known Japanese cruise liner (see here : [1] ) , and her cruise ship successor was about to be launched (see here : [2] ).

The designation of the Asuka II is also in line with Macross continuity in that is in sequence with the CVN-101 Prometheus, which was in service at South Atalia Island providing point-defence for the ASS-1 then being refit into the SDF-1 Macross.

Known CrewEdit

  • Aeries Turner

List of U.N. SquadronsEdit

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