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Chaos Operator (ケイオス オペレーター) is an original character from the Macross Δ Scramble video game. She is one of the many operators under the employ of Chaos.

Personality & CharacterEdit

She usually displays a no-nonsense attitude and sticks to mission status reports, but when things ease up she shows her caring side to the pilots she works with.[1].

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

As an operator for the CIC, she can quickly provide critical mission status info of everything from enemy presence, ally damage status, among others. Her timing is not always perfect, but she does her best to fulfill her role.


An unnamed Chaos operator tasked with providing CIC backup to Hans Schwalm and Fan Vernalotte. Should the need arise, she can also assist Delta Flight as well as other pilots of the Macross series.


Notes & TriviaEdit

  • In certain missions, she will serve as the substitute commentator on enemy unit damage status for large warships or if the main pilot, wingman or support character is the same as one of the enemy aces. There are some missions that do not follow the latter pattern however, like the Extra arc's Sound Selection 11 mission.


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