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Chief Engineer (技師長 Gishi-chō) is a character that appears in Super Dimension Fortress Macross television series. He is in charge of engineering on the SDF-1 Macross.


Doing his duty as the SDF-1 Macross' Chief Engineer, he informed Captain Global that the main gun couldn't be used as the conduits connecting it to the main reactor were lost with the fold system during the first hyperspace fold and his solution to this problem was to use similar conduits on the ship but as those were in use, he suggested that they transform the ship to connect the main gun to the main reactor. (SDFM: "Transformation")

He later shows the Captain strange phenomena in where the space fold system was supposed to be and theorizes it could be used to defend the ship, but after learning the ship is too big to shielded entirely at once, he comes up the the idea of the "Pin-Point Barrier". (SDFM: "Daedalus Attack")

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  • He is never given a name and is not credited in the original run of episodes 5 and 6 where he speaks. His voice actor is in fact Minoru Inaba (the voice of Lynn Shaochin, Maistroff and Oigul) as revealed in page 260 of the Macross Perfect Memory reference book. In the ADV dub, he is voiced by Mike MacRae and is listed in the ending credits as "Chief Engineer".


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For the Robotech equivalent, visit Emil Lang.

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