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Daedalus Attack (ダイダロス•アタック Daidarosu Atakku) is the sixth episode of the Super Dimension Fortress Macross television series. It first aired on November 14, 1982 on MBS in Japan.


The Macross crew develops a protective barrier from the energy anomaly left by the fold system disappearance. However, they can only create three small movable shields. As they approach Saturn, the Zentradi send out a ship to keep the Macross from hiding in the planet's ice rings. Little do they know that the Macross doesn't intend to hide. Unfortunately, the crew discovers that the main cannon cannot operate at the same time as the Pin Point Barrier. First Lieutenant Misa Hayase, Macross Bridge Operator, develops a new kind of attack in order to save the Macross.[1]


Act One

It has been two months since the Macross executed an unplanned space fold on the day of its launch, transporting the ship to just inside the orbit of Pluto. At present, the Macross is still heading on a course back to Earth. It has fended off a Zentradi attack by executing transformation in the ship’s structure. But the change has caused catastrophic damage to the refugees on board. However, the people have since rebuilt their city and for the moment, things are peaceful once again. Meanwhile, having applied for and been accepted into the military, Hikaru Ichijyo has been undergoing the rigorous training of a new recruit. But his most rigorous test may be the day of his first leave.

On his leave, Hikaru helps Lynn Minmay with some shopping. They walk by a store and Minmay invites Hikaru to come look with her. Minmay chooses a pink dress and a green dress and tells Hikaru not to peek as she goes in the changing room. Hearing Hikaru groan, the owner laughs hysterically and the shopping falls out of the bag. As Hikaru picks up the items, Shammy, Kim and Misa walk in, looking to buy lingerie. As Shammy picks up a bra from the lingerie section, Hikaru stands up, shocking Misa and her friends so they decide to come back later. Lynn Minmay comes out in the pink dress and asks Hikaru what he thinks. Not paying attention because he is picking up the shopping, he simply says it suits her.

The Chief Engineer shows Captain Global the energy reaction he reported. The strange phenomenon that they have never seen before is occurring where the fold system used to be. The Captain wonders if there is a connection between the two. The Chief hypothesizes that the disappearance of the fold system resulted in an actual distortion of the space-time continuum. According to the Chief, isn’t disrupting the ship’s system, and so the Captain orders him to continue his analysis. The Chief also tells Captain Global that if they could find a way to harness the energy, they might be able to use it as an improvised barrier. The Chief is given the go-ahead by the Captain. Vrlitwhai and Exsedol discuss the transformation of the enemy ship. Exsedol says that adopting that shape would disrupt their gravity control systems and greatly limit their speed. Vrlitwhai tells his crew to play back the original screen and notes the ringed planet in front of the Macross (Saturn). Exsedol believes that they may use the rings as cover and that if they activate their ECM within the rings, it would be impossible to locate them. Vrlitwhai decides to let them carry it out but when they run to the planet, the Zentradi will have them like rodents in a cage. Back on leave, Minmay invites Hikaru to the Nyan-Nyan restaurant, it’s been over a month since he’s seen her aunt and uncle. The Mayor and his friend also visit the restaurant. As Hikaru is about to dig in to some dumplings Lynn Shaochin made, Major Focker rushes in, and tells Hikaru that he is about to get the order to move out. Five recruits were formally assigned to fighter duty and his name is on the list. Hikaru is dragged out by Major Focker while still clinging to the chopsticks.

Hikaru and Major Focker walk on the street outside the barracks. As of today, Hikaru is a real soldier and his Senpai tells him that he can move out of his communal room in the barracks for a private one. As they continue down the sidewalk, they encounter Misa, Kim, Vanessa and Shammy. Kim begins laughing as Shammy calls Hikaru “Mr. Lingerie”. Vanessa wonders what Shammy means and so Kim tells Vanessa about their awkward encounter in the lingerie store. First Lt. Hayase asks Major Focker if Hikaru is the so-called “fine new recruit” he took under his wing. Hikaru salutes and declares his name as does First Lt. Hayase. She suddenly remembers him as the civilian who piloted the VF-1D whereas Hikaru remembers her as the “old lady”. Their conversation is brief. As Misa and the Macross operators leave, Shammy calls Hikaru a pervert.

The Macross flies to Saturn in its humanoid attack mode. First Lt. Hayase tells the captain that their electronic countermeasures are now active. With those in place, the enemy shouldn’t be able to locate them for a while. When First Lt. Hayase asks the Captain what they should do next, he believes they should do an ambush because once they leave Saturn, the Zentradi will come after them again and so he wants the Macross to launch a surprise attack and clear the path ahead of them. Helmsman Claudia LaSalle tries to retort but the Captain states he is fully aware of the risk and so she comprehends and says they will reduce speed and begin preparations for the attack immediately. As Captain Global approaches the door to leave the bridge, he painfully bangs his head much to the wonder of the bridge crew. A U.N. Spacy officer briefs the all Valkyrie squadron pilots, among them, Hikaru. Is it their mission to lure the enemy forces into Saturn's rings and hit them in a surprise attack and they are recommended to say their goodbyes to anyone they know tonight. Once Hikaru is dismissed, he waits in the park. Minmay rushes to meet him and asks what the “big emergency”. When he says he is going into battle tomorrow, she is proud that it will be his first day as a soldier and says he will do great and that everyone is talking about him. The water fountain behind them lights up and Minmays shows off the dress she bought together. Hikaru decide to take a photo with Minmay in front of the beautiful fountain with an automated camera. Minmay heads home because her aunt and uncle get really worried if she is out with a guy by herself for too long.

The Chief Engineer tells the Captain they can now activate the barrier defense system but because the ship is to be big to be covered entirely at once, he comes up with an alternative; the move the barrier actively to points of vulnerability, controlled by a special barrier team.

At the barracks, Roy knocks on Hikaru’s bedroom door, knowing he’d still be up. He tells him to sleep because they’ll be heading out early. It is his first mission, so Roy expects it. Hikaru tries to sleep but sees visions of the giant Zentradi soldier he saw on Earth. He takes a look at the photograph of himself and Minmay at the park.

Act Two

The Macross approaches Saturn in its humanoid Attack mode. First Lt. Hayase broadcasts the mission briefing to all Valkyrie squadrons. Their surprise attack is to take place in the Cassini Divide. She orders the squadrons assemble into seven groups and stand by in the ice ring. Hikaru rushes from his bedroom and meets Major Focker. Major Focker tells him he was the same way before he had his first mission. They report to the Prometheus for roll-call as ordered by First Lt. Hayase.

Skull Leader, Major Focker launches from the Prometheus in a VF-1S Valkyrie while, Skull 23, Hikaru launches in a VF-1J Valkyrie. First Lt. Hayase orders the Orange, Purple and Rose Valkyrie groups to advance into the rings and proceed to point R-18 in the Cassini Divide. They are to lure the enemy ships into the range of their main cannon. As the other Valkyries fly through the rocky and icy rings of Saturn, Hikaru wonders why everyone else is flying so dangerously and in a spur of the moment he decides to do a loop-the-loop in his VF-1J which catches the attention of First Lt. Hayase because such fancy flying can give away their position to the enemy. She asserts that it isn’t some kind of aerobatics show. Hikaru retorts that the others were flying dangerously but First Lt. Hayase tells him to shut up and follow his orders.

As they are getting ready to enter the planet’s shadow, Major Focker tells them to keep an eye on their instruments and watch out for the ice. Hikaru narrowly dodges the ice and rock hurtling towars him. First Lt. Hayase asks why he is reducing speed, Hikaru says it is because he can’t see a thing which causes First Lt. Hayase to mock the confidence he claimed he had. Hikaru cannot stand that he has to be bossed around by someone safe on the bridge and yet again calls Misa an “old lady”. Claudia believes he shouldn’t insult a superior officer but First Lt. Hayase says it does not bother her. First Lt. Hayase tells the Captain that the Valkyrie squadrons’ ETA is 5 minutes at his request. The Captain orders First Lt. Hayase to fire their main gun the second the enemy’s ships enters the rings and to assume firing position now. Commander Vrlitwhai summons Zeril, captain of a Thuverl-Salan-class Battleship, and orders him to approach the sixth planet and capture the enemy vessel, preferably undamaged. Captain Zeril’s ship proceeds to shoot at the rings of Saturn which frightens Hikaru. Major Focker gives the order to commence a full on attack and swarms of Valkyries fly and fire missiles at the Zentradi. Exsedol is irritated to see that as weak as they are, they dare to attack the Zentradi. He finds their grasp of battle tactics laughable. Commander Vrlitwai says they haven’t realized that the Zentradi are holding back in order to capture their vessel and he thinks that it’s time they show the full terrifying might of the Zentradi. Regults deploy from the Zentradi ships engage VF-1A Valkyries. Vanessa reports that the enemy vessel is approaching the main gun’s starboard firing arc and they have a lock. The Captain gives the order to raise the ship (from hiding the ring of Saturn) and to fire the main gun. Claudia tries to fire the main cannon at Captain Zeril’s ship but cannot. According to the crew at engineering, the pinpoint barrier system is somehow preventing it from its operation. As Captain Zeril fires missiles upon the Macross, operators May, Pocky and Panapp control the pin-point barrier by moving it over the targeted spots. Despite struggles from May and Panapp to control the pin-point barrier, Captain Zeril is insulted that the Macross is not harmed by any missile he launches and so Regults surround the Macross from all sides. First Lt. Hayase reports they are completed surrounded and that Valkyrie groups Green and Brown have been wiped out whereas the rose group is under heavy attack, it is doubtful that they will last much longer. It is up to Skull Squadron, according to the Captain. Hikaru takes out two Regults that were aiming for Major Focker’s VF-1S. Hikaru asks his Senpai why the Macross hasn’t fired his main gun. First Lt. Hayase asks the Captain if it might be possible to concentrate all of the energy from the pinpoint barrier and surround the front of the Daedalus and says she has an idea. The Captain gives her the go-ahead. First Lt. Hayase tells Kim and Shammy to assemble the Destroids at the bow of the Daedalus and tells Claudia to set the Macross on a course on an intercept course with the enemy ship. Hikaru’s VF-1J is hit by Regult fire and hurtles towards Captain Zeril’s ship and transforms into GERWALK mode through to Battroid mode. As Regults fire upon him, he tries to fire back but he accidentally steps backwards and falls through an airlock. He goes through a door only to see a Zentradi soldier on the other side, just as frightened as he is. Hikaru raises the Gunpod but fails to pull the trigger as he is in intense fear, as is the Zentradi soldier at gunpoint. The Macross closes in on Captain Zeril’s ship, he gives to order to fire and blow them away. All areas of the Macross sustain heavy damage, aside from the Daedalus. First Lt. Hayase gives the order to launch the Daedalus Attack. The Macross moves its right arm, the Daedalus, coated with the pin-point barrier and punches into Captain Zeril’s ship. Captain Zeril wonders what’s going on. The bow door of the Daedalus opens to reveal dozens of Destroid Monsters and Defenders. The pilots fire everything they got at the bridge and kill Captain Zeril. Explosions kill the other Zentradi… including the soldier facing Hikaru’s VF-1J. Luckily the VF-1J climbs out just as the ship blows up from the inside. As Vrlitwhai watches the battle from afar, he orders Exsedol to call in reinforcements. The destruction of the mother ship drained the battle-pod pilots of their will to fight and they were defeated in short order. Of course, it goes without saying that Focker, Hikaru and the other pilots played an important role in the enemy’s defeat. Yet no matter how hard he tried, Hikaru could not erase the image of a terrified alien soldier’s face from his mind. At that moment, when faced with a flesh and blood enemy, Hikaru had found himself unable to pull the trigger. Senpai Focker would tell him that he’d been no different at first and that Hikaru would get over it. Soon, Hikaru’s trigger hand flinched no more, but with each enemy, he felt something inside himself die.






Captain Global: Is this the energy reaction you reported?

Chief Engineer: Yes, Captain, it’s a phenomenon that we’ve never seen before.
Captain Global: This is where the fold system used to be. Could there be some connection between the two?
Chief Engineer: Well, it’s possible that the disappearance of the fold system resulted in an actual distortion, of the space-time continuum.
Captain Global: Hmm, is it disrupting the ship’s systems?
Chief Engineer: Not at the moment, sir.
Captain Global: Very well. Continue with your analysis.
Chief Engineer: Captain, wait! If we could find a way to harness this energy, I believe that we could use it as a sort of improvised barrier.
Captain Global: Is that possible?
Chief Engineer: Yes, sir.
Captain Global: Very well, get started on it immediately.
Chief Engineer: Yes sir!

—Captain Global and the Chief Engineer discuss a distortion where the fold system used to be.

Roy:As of today, you’re a real soldier. You’ll even trade your communal room in the barracks for a private one.

Hikaru:Oh, how about that?
Roy:However, just because you have your own room doesn’t mean you can start acting up and gettin’ out of line, got it?
Hikaru:I’m not you, Senpai!

—Roy and Hikaru outside the barracks.

Misa: You’re that civilian!

Hikaru: And you’re that old lady!

Misa: What!?

Hikaru: I mean, excuse me, ma’am!

Roy: Hey, this woman is your superior now, better watch what you say, kid!

Hikaru: Ma’am!

Misa: I look forward to working with you in the future. Oh, and while I may not know all the details, it doesn’t look good for someone in uniform to be seen loitering around in that kind of shop. If you’ll excuse us.

Shammy: Pervert!

—An awkward encounter

You be careful, I wish we could talk some more. Good luck tomorrow! See you, bye bye! .

…Good luck tomorrow? Tomorrow I could be dead, Minmay.

—Minmay leaving the park

Chief Engineer: Captain, we can now activate out barrier defense system.

Captain: What, we can?!
Chief Engineer: However, the energy field is unable to cover the entire ship. .
Captain: I see then, even with that much energy, the Macross is too big.
Chief Engineer: We’ve come up with an alternative, please observe, sir. When an enemy attacks, we can raise the barrier like this, by spreading the field in this fashion, when an attack threatens one of our points of vulnerability, we can move the barrier to intercept. Captain: I see.
Chief Engineer: A special barrier team will manipulate the field. For reference, we’ve named this the pin-point barrier.
Captain: Excellent.
Claudia: If we’re shot with pins.

—Explaining the Pin-Point barrier

Hikaru: Come in!

Roy: I’d figure you’d still be up.
Hikaru: Hey, Senpai
Roy: You’d be heading out early.
Hikaru: Yeah, but…
Roy: Look, I know you’re nervous, kid but you got to rest so count some sheep or whatever.
*Roy closes door*
Roy: It’s his first mission, it’s to be expected. The hours before a battle can be pretty rough. *Hikaru looks at photo of him and Minmay*
Hikaru: Minmay, I can’t sleep.

—Major Focker knocks on Hikaru’s door



  • The lettering on Hikaru's shopping bag is "NWA".
  • Exsedol and Vrlithwai both call Saturn the fifth planet counting inwards. If we take into consideration that the episode was made when Pluto was the considered to be outermost planet in the Solar System, it would only make Saturn the fourth planet counting inwards unless the Zentradi consider Pluto’s fellow dwarf, Charon, to be the outermost planet.


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