Dennis Lone (デニス·ローン Denisu Rōn?) is a character that appears in the Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II: Lovers Again OVA and its compilation movie. He is a cameraman and war correspondent for the SNN.

Personality & Character

Dennis believes in presenting both sides of a story even if it means getting it from deep behind enemy lines. He thinks Hibiki Kanzaki doesn't understand what journalism is really all about but nevertheless sees potential in him.


Dennis is first seen in the SNN station expressing his disgust at Hibiki's fixation with sensational journalism over cold, hard facts. Most of the staff at SNN recognize him as a capable war journalist, but useless during times of peace.

When the Mardook commenced with their invasion of Earth, Hibiki wanted in on the action, but instead of being the reporter, he was simply the pilot of the SNN Valkyrie. It was Dennis who was actually going to cover the story. Despite being drunk, he proved that he still had what it takes, capturing footage of the battle with graphic imagery of both sides suffering casualties. When Hibiki tries to stop him from doing so, Dennis gives him a stern lecture on the realities of war: not an event of glory but of misery. Whitewashing the facts just to get ratings is not real journalism. Everything has be be shown and told as it is.

Dennis later asks Hibiki to take them inside one of the Mardook warships. Inside they find Ishtar unconscious and Dennis decides to take her with them, as the larger craft is practically done for. He reckons that despite the Valkyrie being a two-seater, There's still enough space for a girl.

Unfortunately, a sudden blast from the inside knocks Dennis hard into the ship's interior wall, injuring him severely. As he is dying, Dennis tells Hibiki to take the girl and escape. When Hibiki protests, Dennis assures him that the footage will rake in the ratings, and it was all his now. Hibiki grants the veteran journalist's final request, but insists that the credit is not his alone. He promises to bring the footage and Ishtar back safely.

Dennis passes away, but he leaves two things with Hibiki: the footage of that battle and the concept of what journalism is really all about. Sadly, the complete footage was lost due to media and government bureaucracy. The public was shown a heavily-edited version where only the enemy fighters were being destroyed. However, Dennis' influence on Hibiki was a lasting one.


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