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Diamond Calling is a song by Fire Bomber and was released on the album Second Fire!! as track 3. It was used as an insert song during the second half of the Macross 7 television series.


Oreha dokohe dokohe yukunodarou
Tokino akuseru fumikonde
Biruno kabeni supure- no rakugaki
Areha kitto wasureteta pasuwa-do

Hikarino SHAWA- ni tsutsumarete
Oreha utaidasu

Daremo shiranai kisetsuga

Kazeno siren machini hibikiwataru
Atsui messeji
Sho-to suru disupulai

Nariyamanu ankoru yumemiteha
Sorani tewo nobasu

Mou owaranai rekishiga

Daremo shiranai sakyuude

Mou shizumanai asahiwo

wow wow wow...

Where am I going?
Stepping on the accelerator of time.
Spray graffiti on building walls
They must be the password now forgotten

Surrounded in a shower of light
I start to sing

Diamond calling
It's calling me
The season nobody yet knows

Siren of the winds, echoing in the city
Hot message
Displays going short circuit

Dreaming of encores
I extend my hands into the sky

Diamond calling
It's calling me
The never ending history

Diamond calling
It's calling me
From a dune nobody knows

Diamond calling
It's calling
The sun which does not set anymore

Diamond calling...
wow wow wow

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