Eden (エデン Eden?) is a planet featured in Macross Plus and its movie adaptation. Eden became one of the first human colonies outside the Earth Solar System. It was colonized in 2013, shortly after the end of Space War I.


Electricity is mainly supplied by wind power.


The Capital City

The capital city of Eden is named the Capital City.

New Edwards Flight Center

Opened in 2020, situated in the desert area, this is where Project Super Nova took place.



A year prior, following the end of the Space War I, the Humanity Seeding Project was announced, with the objective of searching for and colonize planets. By April, 2013, launches began for one close-range emigration fleet after another. A planet where colonization was possible was discovered ten-odd light years from the Solar System in the Groomsbridge 1816 Star System. It was named "Eden", meaning paradise, thus colonization began [1]. November 2013 is the date of Eden's colonization.[2]

Macross Chronicle states that Eden was colonized by unspecified Short Range Emigrant Fleet. Animation shown at the beginning of Macross Frontier suggests it was colonized by Megaroad-04. It is also confirmed by this source.[3]


New Edwards Flight Center is inspired by and named after Edwards Air Force base in the South California desert. The staff of Macross Plus, including creator/mechanical designer Shoji Kawamori and animator Ichiro Itano, visited the base for ideas.


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