Elmo Kirdanik (エルモ・クリダニク Erumo Kuridaniku?) is a supporting character from Macross Frontier.

the president and manager of the small talent agency "Vector Productions". He hears Ranka's singing by chance and scouts her, becoming her manager. However, after Leon Mishima realizes that Ranka's singing has an effect on the Vajra he assigns Grace O'Connor as her new manager, forcing Elmo away from her. He is seen taking shelter in the same bunker as Sheryl and watching her sing during a Vajra attack. Elmo becomes Sheryl's new manager some time later. A comment made by him when asking Ozma Lee's permission to become Ranka's manager suggests that he is a Space War I veteran, his surname suggests he is of relation to Vrlitwhai Kridanik , the Zentradi commander who tracked the Super Vision army vessel, the Macross to Earth.