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The F203 Dragon II is an aircraft that appears in the Super Dimension Fortress Macross television series. Known pilots include Roy Focker.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

During development of OverTechnology gained via research of the fallen Alien Space Ship-1 (ASS-1), the United Nations Government decided to attempt incorporating early discoveries into existing human technology. Destroids and variable fighters were still several years away from being realized so the new technologies developed by the OTEC research institute would be used to build a fighter called the F203 Dragon II.

Built as a delta wing aircraft with OverTechnology, the F203 was stronger, faster and more efficient than previous fighter aircraft. The craft was much more maneuverable than conventional fighter aircraft and was light despite equipment for V/STOL capabilities. Roy Focker flew an F203 during his service as a fighter pilot in the United Nations Wars. The fighter boasted high-maneuverability using two-dimensional thrust vectoring and VTOL nozzles.[1]


  • 30 mm Gatling Gun[1]


Unification Wars

The F203 began design only a year and a half after the establishment of OTEC and was formally adopted as the main fighter of the United Nations Military in 2003. Roy Focker's personal variant was colored differently.[1]

Space War I

On February 7, 2009,[2] the launch day of the SDF-1 Macross Several F203 Dragon II Fighters were seen parked around South Ataria Island.



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