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Fastest Delivery (ファステスト·デリバリー Fasutesuto Deribarī?) is the twelfth episode of Macross Frontier. It first aired on MBS and TBS in Japan on June 26, 2008.



On a Queadol-Magdomilla-class ship, NUNS 33rd Marine Force commander, Lieutenant Commander Ogotai is informed on the current situation by his second-in-command who states that it is unchanged and they (the Zentradi soldiers) demand a song, the "protoculture", now. Ogotai says it has already been half a century since they regained culture and asks "why now?" while the Zentradi base on Galia 4 is seen, several Zentradi soldiers stand by. The second-in-command believes it is in their genes, their destiny and says at worst, they will have to destroy the entire base with their mothership's cannons, he asks Ogotai if he's prepared for that. 

Temzin-1 F-12
The purple-faced Zentradi, Temzin is among the soldiers, crouching and staring aggressively, he takes a bite out of a carrot. Ogotai exlaims "Yack...deculture!". Alto, escorting Sheryl and Grace's ships in his VF-25F Messiah fold jumps to Galia 4. He synchronizes with galactic standard time, +172.25. Alto is in awe with the fact that the planet has a sky.


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Oboete imasuka?

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