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Fire Scramble (ファイアースクランブル Fire Scramble) is the third episode of Macross 7. It aired on October 30, 1994.


Mylene Flare Jenius got the Fire Bomber invited to a concert at a famous venue (Super Nova Live at the Starry Sky Hall), because Barara's recent sortie in VF-19 Excalibur during a combat rose the band's profile. There they'll be performing together with well known bands Queen & King and Mosaic, but Basara Nekki is not impressed. The concert organizers include Akiko Houjoh.

Captain Maximilian Jenius and mayor Milia Fallyna Jenius discuss recent hostilities with the unknown attackers during a TV interview. Meanwhile, Geperuniti and Gigile discuss plans for a new assault on the Macross fleet.

Mylene and Barara are attacked by violent Queen & King and Mosaic fans, and after a brief scuffle escape with the help of Ray Lovelock. During the ensuing concert, Basara sings his new song, My Soul for You.

A Varauta ship de-folds near the Macross 7 and the battle begins. Basara leaves the concert to sing in space during combat. Kinryu orders annoyed Gamlin to leave him alone. Some Varauta soldiers infiltrate Macross 7, and then their fleet departs. Gigile is annoyed that he was not told by Geperuniti that his space units were to be a decoy for the infiltration.

Basara returns to the concert venue, where he is greeted by many new fans, including some who heckled him before.




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