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Fleet Flagship Space Carrier is a ship featured in the Macross 7 television series.


Over four kilometers long, the massive Extra-Large Fleet Command Battle Carrier (aka Fleet Flagship Space Carrier) is the largest warship in the Varauta Army. This enormous vessel serves as the command ship for the 502 vessels (8,964 fighters) of the Varauta fleet and also operates as a mobile fortress to service and supply those many smaller warships in the Varauta forces. Both halves of the ship contain giant docks which can accommodate several large warships or dozens of smaller ships, all simultaneously. The Fleet Command Battle Carrier also contains various hangars and linear catapults to accommodate and deploy nearly 500 variable fighters and support spacecraft.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Battle Carrier is also heavily armed with numerous powerful anti-ship high-angle beam cannons for combat against any enemy warships. It is said that the Fleet Command Battle Carrier has the mobility and acceleration abilities of a battleship, while having offensive ability comparable to a "large scale fleet" with the ability to annihilate a small-scale Zentradi fleet singlehandedly (it should be noted such a Zentradi fleet has more than 1,000 ships). The vast fighter carrying capacity of the Fleet Command Battle Carrier grants it the capacity of 2-3 normal space carriers.[1] During the Protodeviln War that began in 2045 the Protodeviln leader Geperuniti commanded the Varauta forces from aboard this ship, leading his fleet in numerous battles against the UN Spacy forces.


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