Gamlin Kizaki (ガムリン 木崎 Gamurin Kizaki?) is a Zentradi variable fighter ace pilot of Diamond Force, and a prominent character in the Macross 7 television series. He becomes infatuated with Mylene Flare Jenius, and the romantic rival of Basara Nekki.

Personality & CharacterEdit

I'm the worst kind of guy!

—Gamlin Kizaki

Cool and reserved, Gamlin, is surprisingly awkward when it comes to romance, sometimes treating it as a military exercise. While he insists on following protocol to the letter, he isn't afraid to speak out and take risks when the situation calls for it. His inner desires slip out briefly after he is possessed by the Protodeviln.

He often clashes with Basara Nekki in the battlefield as he could not understand what the latter was trying to do at first, but the two soon grow to respect one another after Basara's song begins to have tangible effects in combat.

Skills And AbilitiesEdit

Gamlin seems to be an ideal pilot as befitting his status as a member of Diamond Force. He maintains focus in stressful situations and always follows his instincts.

Though well-trained and capable, Gamlin is not without weaknesses: For one, he wasn't able to properly perform an advanced evasive maneuver that Basara consistently pulls off with ease before, but he eventually mastered it while in a pinch.

At one point, having been used to piloting a VF-17 Nightmare, he feels limited by Milia's VF-1J's lower overall performance, resulting in its destruction at the hands of Sivil when he sortied with it.


Milia, his former instructor and now mayor of City 7, wants him to marry her daughter, Mylene, bassist for Fire Bomber, but Mylene however is free spirited and shows interest in lead singer/guitarist, Basara Nekki.

After Kinryu is killed, Gamlin becomes the leader of Diamond Force, but with a different assignment: To protect City 7 in the event that Battle 7 gets separated from them again. He gets new subordinates and works under the supervision of Mayor Milia.


Notes & TriviaEdit

  • In Macross Δ Scramble, Gamlin becomes available as a playable character after purchasing DLC pack 2. His unit will be the VF-22 he used in the Macross Dynamite 7 OVA. His unit's SP attack and the final name of his basic ability is the "Gamlin Kick", based on a special attack he used in a strange dream that involved saving Mylene.
    • Incidentally, the aforementioned manuver is a nod to the Kamen Rider series, from the "Rider Kick" finishing move.
  • In The Macross 7 Plus Short "Top Gamrin" (the title of the feature is written using the alphabet and spelled as such), Gamlin is shown as a young boy attending a family funeral. He looks up at the sky and sees two planes ascending, deciding that he wants to be a pilot. Years later, Gamlin enters a military flight school and became the student of Milia Fallyna Jenius. Though he didn't excel in most of the trials that the spartan instructor imposed on them, Gamlin was the only one in his class able to keep up with her during a high-altitude ascent, securing his graduation and position as an elite pilot.
    • The title of the feature is a parody of the movie Top Gun.
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