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Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Gigamesh was a battle suit used by Mardook soldiers. This close combat-focused unit was armed with two large wing cutters, 10 retractable blades and a pair of mini-missile launchers storing up to 100 mini-missiles. The large wing cutters could be extended to increase their range. The Gigamesh saw combat against U.N. Spacy during the Mardook War of 2092.



The leader of the Mardook forces, Feff, pilots a customized battle suit called the Gigamesh. Heavily armored yet highly maneuverable, the Gigamesh excels at close and medium ranged combat. Built into the many armored sections of the suit are a series of anti-armor battle claws and blades that are typically retracted during flight. The most powerful of these close combat weapons is a pair of wing cutters mounted via extendable arms upon the rear torso of the battle suit. These large blades can be activated in an instant and the powerful arm mounts can swing the blades outward to slice any enemy craft. In addition to the many anti-armor blades, the Gigamesh also possesses two missile launchers loaded with 100 mini-missiles for short-to-medium range combat. The pilot is situated inside the heavily armored center torso and controls the suit via a fully integrated cockpit. An armored mask covers the head unit to protect the sensors during combat and can be lifted when required.

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