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Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Gigamesh is a heavily equipped main mobile battle suit utilized by the Mardook forces. The Gigamesh excels in close combat and features ten retractable battle claws capable of rending through mecha armor. In addition to the battle claws, the Gigamesh features two large, retractable wing cutters mounted on the rear torso near each shoulder. The deadly wing cutters can be extended on arms to increase their attack range and strike at various angles. While the Gigamesh is a powerful close-combat vehicle, it also features one hundred mini-missiles in two missile launchers mounted one under each arm cowter (elbow armor) for use in ranged attack. The Gigamesh also features mobility equal to a Valkyrie, making this heavily mecha a very potent war machine.


The Gigamesh was a battle suit used by Mardook soldiers. The Gigamesh saw combat against U.N. Spacy during the Mardook War of 2092.

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