Gigile (ギギル?) is one of the primary antagonists appearing in Macross 7. Before being possessed by the Protodeviln Gigile, he used to be known as Lt. Autolmauer. The latter was high-ranking commander of the Blue Rhinoceros squad under the Varauta exploration forces.

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Gigile is the Varuta army warship commander. He personally sorties in his FZ-109 Elgerzorene during Spiritia-harvesting raids on the Macross 7 and was surprised at the strength of Basara's Spiritia. He adores Sivil and because of that, he arbitrarily uses Spiritia to awaken her. He begins to question his loyalty to the Protodeviln cause after his leaders abandon Sivil to her fate. Only with the intervention of Basara does Gigile fully turn to the other side. He sacrifices himself for the greater good, all while singing one of Basara's songs.


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