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Gigile (ギギル Gigiru?) is one of the primary antagonists in the Macross 7 television series. Before being possessed by the Protodeviln Gigile, he used to be known as Lt. Autolmauer, a high-ranking commander of the Blue Rhinoceros squad under the Varauta exploration forces.

He serves under Lord Gepelnitch's forces and despises Basara Nekki and his music. He is highly protective of fellow Protodeviln Sivil, having initially woken her up from her slumber in Varuta.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Who are you singing for? For whose sake..?


Gigile is the long suffering henchman of Lord Gepelnitch, who was given the sole purpose of harvesting as much Spiritia as possible from the populace of City 7. He cared deeply for Sivil, and lost faith in his masters after they decided to abandon her to the enemy. Despite their fierce rivalry, he grew to admire Basara Nekki after he saw how he selflessly tried to awaken Sivil from her stasis through song.


Basara... It doesn't matter what happens to me, as long as Sivil... I am... I am Gigile! Listen to my song! Power to the dream!


Gigile is one of the first Varauta Army warship commander who directed the infiltration of the Protodeviln vampires in City 7 aboard his Large Battleship. He personally sorties in his Fz-109F Elgersoln on many Spiritia-harvesting raids on the Macross 7 and was genuinely surprised at the strength of Basara's Spiritia. He adores Sivil and because of that, he arbitrarily uses Spiritia to awaken her. He begins to question his loyalty to the Protodeviln cause after his leaders abandon Sivil to her fate. Only with the intervention of Basara Nekki does Gigile fully turn to the other side.[1]

Gigile takes matters into his own hands when the Protodeviln decide to turn planet Lux and the Macross 7 fleet into a massive Spiritia farm. He turns against his former comrades Gavil and Glavil to protect Sivil during the evacuation of the planet. He sacrifices himself for the greater good, singing Power To The Dream alongside Basara as the planet slowly collapses. He then sings My Soul For You to Sivil one last time as his Protodeviln body awakens, and engulfed with a dark power. The Protodeviln Valgo and a number of Macross 7 escort ships are vaporized in the ensuing shockwave. The Macross 7 fleet folds in space near Lux, which is completely consumed with black space. Sivil, floating among the ruins in space, sheds a tear for her fallen ally.[2]



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