The Heavy Weight Robot-Series 00 Mk. II Monster AKA HWR-00 series of Destroids are mecha built for firing heavy artillery.


Unification WarsEdit

The Destroid Monster Heavy Weight Robot was originally designed as another anti-giant combat system but it first saw action fighting terrestrial threats during the events surrounding the Island of Mayan in 2008. The Mk I Monster was nearly identical to the later Mk II Monster and was primarily deployed as a mobile artillery unit. However, the Monster was not designed for missile launchers on either side of the unit and thus the Mk I had two multi-purpose "arms" for ammunition delivery, firing position adjustment and other duties. When the decision was made to equip the Monster with missile launchers, the unit was renamed Mk II.

Space War IEdit

Very shortly after the initial research into the Destroids began in 2000 the HWR-00 series began development in December that year. After a lengthy design phase trial production began in October 2005 and the HWR-00 Monster first rollout was in September 2008. The Monster is the largest mobile ground weapon to ever be fielded in battle by mankind, over 41 meters long and weighing almost 300 tons. The Monster was envisioned as a trackless, self-propelled heavy weapon system to be utilized for attack and point defense. In actuality, the Monster's massive size, poor maneuverability and dedicated long-range weaponry saw the mecha used as a semi-mobile artillery unit best utilized while avoiding uneven ground and any close-range engagement. When put to best use with supporting units in a combined arms role, the Monster is able to field incredible firepower equal to strategic bombing.


HWR-00 units are used as target practice for pilots.


HWR00-Mk-I Destroid

The HWR-00-Mk I.

HWR-00-Mk I MonsterEdit

This was featured in Macross Zero and includes two retractable, multi-purpose grappling arms.

HWR-00-Mk II MonsterEdit

Appears in The Super Dimension Fortress Macross

HWR-00-Mk II Monster Target DestroidEdit

Appears in Macross Plus

Notes & TriviaEdit

The HWR-00-Mk-II Monster is the only destroid that can transform.

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For the Robotech equivalent, visit Destroid Monster.

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