Hibiki Kanzaki (神崎 ヒビキ Kanzaki Hibiki?) is the protagonist of the Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II: Lovers Again OVA and its compilation movie. He is a reporter for the SNN.

Personality & CharacterEdit

A young, energetic reporter that always gets his stories. Hibiki lives to get the latest scoop or expose the biggest scandal surrounding the government and military. He absolutely detests media censorship, and will do whatever it takes for the story to get out, real or otherwise. He has no problem flying right into the thick of battle, which sometimes gets him to complicated situations.

In the beginning, Hibiki was only concerned about ratings, concentrating on sensationalist reporting. But after his first and last assignment with war correspondent Dennis Lone, he develops a more mature outlook on journalism, determined to seek out the real facts and tell it to the public.


Hibiki is an ambitious entertainment reporter for the television network Scramble News Network (SNN). Desiring to advance his career, he jumps at the chance to cover the first encounters with the mysterious alien known as the Mardook. His partner, veteran cameraman Dennis Lone, does not share his enthusiasm to broadcast the war that had been kept under wraps by the military. He also comes under harsh scrutiny by UN Spacy pilot, Silvie Gena.

While covering one of the battles, he discovers Ishtar, an Emulator used to excite the Marduk forces' aggressive tendencies through her singing. Originally seeing the scoop of a lifetime, Hibiki harbors Ishtar on Earth and shows her Earth's culture but is eventually moved by Ishtar's belief in bringing peace to her people by spreading Earth's love songs. Hibiki soon finds himself having to deal with the upper echelons of the military, which is overzealous in not allowing any possibility of public panics despite having the frontline pushed all the way back to Earth itself.

Hibiki's perseverance paid off, and his relationship with Ishtar would help bring about the end of the conflict with the Mardook.


Silvie Gena

His rival, but would later be his romantic partner.


Hibiki forms a strong bond with the mysterious Emulator.

Dennis Lone

Veteran war journalist and cameraman that gives Hibiki a stern lecture about the true nature of war and the essence of being a real journalist.


Hibiki's friend and confidant.