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The Human Protoculture Integrated Hypothesis is a theory proposed by Dr. Hasford in the Macross Zero OVA. The theory was meant to explain how an external factor was present and allowed for the accelerated evolution of humanity. [1]


Dr. Hasford's hypothesis proposes all of humanity evolved at the same time and at an accelerated rate due to the intervention of an external factor (i.e. the Protoculture). He cites how every major ancient civilization on Earth shared similar traits and that they all shared a single point of origin as possible proof of his theory.

Cultural anthropologist Aries Turner explains that the hypothesis is correlated with the "Virus Evolution Theory", where viruses allegedly carried genes. Her example was that a giraffe's neck didn't become long because it wanted to eat leaves, but because it got infected with a disease that made it longer. How it explains how humans made rocks float in ancient times is up for debate.

Bird Human LegendEdit

The new world can only be created from the ashes of the total destruction of the old world. The current human race is a failed experimental species.

—Dr. Hasford

The Bird Human legend ties into the "Human Protoculture Integrated Hypothesis" in how it tells the story of how this "external factor" that help mankind's evolution was also meant to prevent it from reaching a certain point of technological development. Based on the interpretation of some Mayan ruins by cultural anthropologist, Aries Turner:

"A Bird Human created humans on the Mayan Island. the bird human was ordered to sing the song of destruction by the god of the heavens, Procacha. When the Bird Human was told to do that, he cut off his own head to prevent the song from being sung.

But every time a bond between the people and the Earth is broken, it is believed the head and body moves closer and will one day sing the Song of Destruction."

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