Ishtar (イシュタル Ishutaru?) is one of the main characters of the Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II: Lovers Again OVA and its compilation movie. She is one of the many Emulators of Mardook, used to control the minds of Zentradi soldiers by singing.

Personality & CharacterEdit

At first, Ishtar seemed passive and aloof while under the control of the Mardook, but that quickly changes after she is rescued by Hibiki Kanzaki. She becomes playful and curious about the new world around her, and begins to develop feelings she's never felt before. As events begin unfolding around her, she learns to stand up for her beliefs against her former masters.


When Hibiki Kanzaki brings her to Earth, she is shocked by human culture and traditions. As she acquaints herself with human society, she finds an unlikely rivalry with UN Spacy ace pilot Silvie Gena. Because of her experiences, she changes her Emulator song to be one which encourages the Marduk to be peaceful. She believes the SDF-1 Macross is the legendary ship of the Alus, an entity prophesied in Marduk culture to bring peace to their civilization. Through the power of song, Ishtar brings about the end of the warmongering ways of her people. As she prepares to leave Earth, she steps out of the way so Hibiki and Sylvie can be together at the end.