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Lynn Kaifun (鈴海皇(りん かいふん) Rin Kaifun?), pronounced as "Ling Hǎi Huáng" in Mandarin, is a character in the Super Dimension Fortress Macross television series and The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? movie.

Personality & Character

As a pacifist, he strongly dislikes the military. He also knew Lynn Minmay since they were children. When Minmay's parents decided to move to South Ataria Island, Kaifun and his's parents were opposed to them living beneath the SDF-1 Macross, seeing it as the cause of the Unification Wars. Kaifun later fled his home and began roaming around the world.

With the outbreak of Space War I, his pacifist tendencies only deepened. He saw every soldier as the same, going so far as to refuse Misa Hayase's handkerchief when she offered it to him. He favors using mass media to promote his anti-war message, and is extremely antagonistic towards military personnel, even when it comes to the defense of a city. Following the end of the war with the Zentradi, he becomes an abusive alcoholic, driving away the few people that care about him.


Kaifun is an actor, martial artist and music manager who's the son of the owners of Minsharou resturant in Macross City, Lynn Shaochin and Lynn Feichun. In November 2009, he reunited with Lynn Minmay in Yokohama. He agreed to accompany her to come aboard the SDF-1 Macross. Notable people that Kaifun have worked with in his career include his cousin, Minmay and English-language cover band Fire Bomber American.[1]

He also starred as the lead in the film "Shao Pai Long", which used complicated special effects to enhance his martial arts prowess. This threw off the Zentradi who were monitoring broadcasts within the Macross, as they assumed he was a great warrior. After the film's success, he declared he was dating his cousin, Minmay, to the shock of the public. This act would further Hikaru Ichijyo's disillusionment towards Minmay.

Following the end of Space War I, he became an alcoholic and ended up separating from Minmay. He wandered off, never to be heard from again besides his alleged involvement with the knock-off Fire Bomber band.


  1. Indicated in the liner notes of the "ENGLISH FIRE!!" album.

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