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In the Macross Timeline, Macross (マクロス Makurosu) was originally the name given to a massive ship which was rebuilt from a Supervision Army cruiser that crashed on Earth in 1999. Following Space War I, many new ships also had the name to honor the original SDF-1 Macross.

Ships Bearing the Name Macross


New Macross-class

Macross Quarter-class

Macross Cannon-class

Macross Elysion-class


  • According to Noboru Ishiguro, the producer for the sponsor was a fan of Shakespeare, and insisted on naming the original series and ship Macbeth (マクベス Makubesu). Studio Nue and Artland regrouped and proposed the title Macross (マクロス Makurosu) because it has a similar pronunciation to Macbeth in Japanese and is also a wordplay on "Macro" and "Across", allowing the new name to retain the connotations of largeness and journeying possessed by the original title, Megaroad [1]. Coincidentally, the pronunciation in the ADV dub is /məˈkrɒs/ which results in a perfect rhyme with "Across" (/əˈkɹɒs/) and the "Mac-" prefix is also pronounced the same way it is in "MacBeth" (/məkˈbɛθ/).