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Macross 7 Music Selection From Galaxy Network Vol.2 (マクロス7 Music Selection From Galaxy Network Vol.2) is a music album released in March 23, 1996 by Victor Entertainment.


The soundtrack to the drama album Macross 7 CD Cinema 3: Galaxy Song Battle. The Macross 7 Music Selection From Galaxy Network series contains new and familiar songs by Fire Bomber, Mylene Flare Jenius and newcomers like PANTHER and LARK SKYBEAUTY. It is known as the album that topped the galactic charts in the Macross universe.


  1. ROCK 'N'ROLL FIRE (Fire Bomber)
  2. Koi No Mahou [Magic of Love] (Fire Bomber)
  3. MEDITATION (Kamal Hazaar)
  4. Black/White (WILD HONEY)
  5. Ghost Ship A Phantom Ship (LARK SKYBEAUTY)
  6. Love Song (Fire Bomber)
  7. I am everything (PANTHER)
  9. GOOD-BYE (Fire Bomber)
  10. Pillow Dream

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