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Macross Cannon-class (マクロスキャノン, Makurosu Kyanon) is a class of Super Dimension Fortresses featured in the Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II: Lovers Again OVA and its compilation movie.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The massive Macross Cannon vessels are heavily armed ships designed for intense anti-ship combat. Over 6,000 meters long, this class of combat vessel is built with four Nupetiet-Vergnitzs-class Zentradi ships as part of the Macross Cannon vessel. The cannons, in four Nupetiet-Vergnitzs-class ships, open along the horizontal axis in the to collimate the heavy converging energy beams for use against enemy warships. The Macross Cannons are extremely effective vessels for countering enemy warships and their multiple heavy guns allow a single Macross Cannon to destroy multiple ships with one volley. While potent against all kinds of enemy warships the Macross Cannons are quite vulnerable to swarms of enemy craft and in sufficient numbers the ships can be successfully assaulted.


In the war with the Mardook in 2092, the UN Spacy fielded many Macross Cannons and they initially inflicted heavy losses upon the Mardook forces. However, the Mardook fielded far more ships that eventually overwhelmed the lesser number of Macross Cannons and many of these powerful vessels were lost. Captain Nexx commanded a Macross Cannon in the final battle of the Mardook war.

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