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The  Macross Operators are usually three female officers who manage the various functions of a SDF type space fortress.

SDF-1 MacrossEdit

Macross bridge operators

SDF-1 Macross operators. From left: Vanessa Laird, Kim ·Kabirov, Shammy Milliome

The original three operators (Shammy, Vanessa and Kim) of the SDF-1 Macross under Captain Bruno J. Global. They were prone to stereotypical gossiping about the romantic exploits of their crew members (for example, the main characters, Hikaru, Misa and Minmay), this earned them the fan nicknames (along with other female bridge officers, Claudia and Misa) "Bridge Bunnies" and "Global's Harem". Those three primary operators are:

Three other substitute operators also controlled the pin-point barrier system and used to cover posts for the original operators when their shifts ended. They are:

  • Panapp; Secondary bridge operator.
  • Pocky; Secondary bridge operator.
  • May; Secondary bridge operator.

Macross 7Edit

Macross 7 bridge operators

Battle 7 bridge operators: top, Sally Saint For, to her right, Miho Miho and Kim Saintlaurent. Tentative ID for the others: right (from Kim): Ho Sidok, ?. Left (from Sally): ?, Kotomi Muishkin, ?, ?

The operators of Macross 7 (Battle 7) are:

Additional, secondary operators are Ho Sidok (Shidoku), Laura Continental, Kotomi Muishkin, Natasha Kinisky, Shinobu Hashizume (Hazime), Reiko Stephanie.

Macross QuarterEdit

Macros Frontier bridge operators

Macross Quarter bridge operators. From the left: Ram Hoa, Monica Lang and Mina Roshan.

Three similar characters exist in Macross Frontier (being a commemorative series), they also manage the various functions of their ship as well as gossip (with helmsman Bobby Margot) about the main characters. They are:

Macross ElysionEdit

Macross Delta bridge operators 1

Macross Elysion bridge operators. From the left: Beth Muscat, [Mizuki Yuri and Nina O'Brien

The Macross Elysion has three operators as well. They are:

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