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This article lists the key events of the official Macross Timeline of which the majority of Macross media are in-universe dramatizations of.

Ancient history Edit

  • 500,000 years ago: Protoculture civilization evolves
  • c.year 2400 of the Protoculture calendar (PCC): Protoculture starts galactic exploration and colonization
  • c. year 2500 of the PCC: Protoculture creates Zentradi
  • c. 2800 PCC: Protoculture's Stellar Republic at its height, controls most of the The Milky Way galaxy
  • c. 2800+? Civil war? Emergence and conflict with Protodeviln?
  • c. ~2800 "70 years after the formation of the Protoculture Stellar Republic, 497,130 years ago": a Protoculture Survey Ship landed on Earth and genetically influenced the existing native life to spur the emergence of "mankind". Records of Earth are soon lost due to ongoing civil war.
    • Around the same time, similar genetic development projects result in several other human-like sentient races. These subcultures are commonly known as Children of Protoculture. In addition to humans, they include Zolans, Ragnans, Windermereans and Voldorians [1].
  • c. 475,000 years ago - the Protoculture became nearly extinct as a result of worsening civil war.
  • c. ? at some point Protoculture or one of its faction made contact with Vajra (alien species from Macross Frontier)
  • about 10,000 years ago: technologically-advanced remnants of Protoculture rediscovered Earth, left some artifacts in Pacific Islands (events of Macross Zero)

Modern history Edit

Note: Numbering and naming of the fleets is confusing, further error may be introduced due to translation errors.

  • 1999: (July 17?) Macross ship (SDF-1 Macross) crashes into Earth.
  • 2001: United Nations Government formed.
  • 2001-2008: Unification Wars.
  • 2003: construction of first Megaroad vessel begins
  • 2008: events of Macross Zero.
  • 2009 encounter with Zendradi. Space War I. War ends in March 2010 (Macross 7, ep. 1). New Unity Government established.
  • 2012 September: human project of galactic colonization (Mankind Seeding Project) begins with the launch of SDF-2 Megaroad-01, first Super Long Range Emigrant Fleet.
  • 2013: smaller colony fleets (Short Range Emigrant Fleet) launched at habitable planets within 100 light years of Earth. Planet Eden colonized in November of that year.
  • 2014: long-distance Megaroad-02 and Megaroad-03 ships launched.
  • 2016: Megaroad-01 lost
  • 2019: Megaroad-13 launched
  • 2025: Megaroad-13 colonizes planet Varauta
  • 2030: (September) new Macross class transports or New Macross-class are launched.
  • 2031: the 21st colonial expedition, Macross Galaxy, launched from planet Eden. Macross Galaxy fleet is also said to have been composed of "9th Large-scale emigration fleet, the 51st Super-Long-Distance colonization fleet and the 21st New Macross Class Emigration Fleet". Lead ship: Macross Galaxy aka Macross 21
  • 2038, the 37th colonial expedition, also known as the 7th Macross fleet, launched. Lead ship: Macross 7 (no known nickname/codename).
  • 2040: Macross Plus events on planet Eden: Sharon Apple's story.
  • 2041: the 25h colonial expedition (or 25th New Macross class emigration fleet), Macross Frontier, launched from Earth. Includes (or alternatively named) 55th Super Long-distance emigrant fleet - Frontier Fleet. Lead ship: Macross Frontier aka Macross 25.
  • 2043: Protodeviln awoken at Varauta
  • 2045-2046: Events of Macross 7. Featuring Macross 7 and (minor appearance of) Macross 5 fleets. Macross 7 survives; Protodeviln evolve and leave the galaxy.
  • 2047: Events of Macross Dynamite 7, mostly centered on planet Zola.
  • 2059: events of Macross Frontier: story develops as both Galaxy and Frontier fleets near each other. Human encounter with Vajra aliens.
  • 2067: Macross Elysion and the UN fleet made it to Ragna and Windermere. Walküre [1]


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