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The Mardook Variable Armor is a Mardook mecha that appears in the "Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II: Lovers Again" OVA and its compilation movie.

Technology and Combat Characteristics[]

Piloted by full-sized Zentradi in Reguld-style cockpit.


  • 1 x turret/arm beam cannon (mounted on right dorsal side turret/arm in Fighter mode, becomes right arm in Power Armor Mode)
  • 1 x forward beam cannon (mounted on forward fuselage in Fighter mode, mounted on rear torso in Power Armor Mode)
  • 3 x missiles (mounted on right dorsal side in Fighter mode, becomes right arm in Power Armor Mode)

Bombs & Missiles[]

  • 4 x mini-missile launchers (mounted one on each side of each upper leg)


The Variable Fighter/Powered Armor was a transformable battle suit used by the brainwashed Zentradi soldiers of the Mardook forces. Its armaments included a beam cannon and missile launcher mounted as the right arm, a forward beam cannon and four mini-missile launchers. The transforming battle suit was used during the Mardook War of 2092.



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