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The Music Box (オルゴール orugo-ru) is an item seen in Macross 7. It was crafted by Diamond Force member Physica S. Fulcrum as a gift for his young child.


The Music Box has the shape of a wooden house. When opened, it has two dancing dolls inside and a small picture of Physica and his family framed on the ceiling. The music that plays when opened is Fire Bomber's hit song Planet Dance.


Physica made the Music Box in a rush as a present for his child's second birthday, lamenting that the kid does not recognize him at all due to his long absence from home. Gamlin assures him that though it'll be a day late, Physica will still be able to hand it over once they are able to return to City 7.

Prior to launch, he had brought the music box with him and taped it on the dashboard of his VF-17 Nightmare. After acknowledging Kinryu's order to move away from the Macross Cannon's line of fire during a confrontation with the Protodeviln, Physica takes one moment to look at the trinket, assuring his family that he'll be coming to see them soon. In doing so however, he lets his guard down, never even realizing that an enemy attacked him from behind. A shot pierces through Physica and his unit's core, making it explode.

When the confrontation ended, Physica's music box was found floating around several wrecked Variable Fighters. It somehow withstood the blast with nothing more than charred parts. The top was also wide open, making it play music out in space.[1]

Having been able to finally return to City 7, Gamlin takes it upon himself to seek out his late wingmate's family despite being injured in another sortie following Physica's demise. Gamlin leaves the hospital with the music box.

After some searching, he finds the mother and child in a city park. Before Gamlin could talk to them, another man approaches the two. For some reason, Physica's child called the man "Papa" and the three seemed to be happy together. Assuming the worst, Gamlin runs away without attempting to confirm the situation, much less give them the late Physica's gift. The music box has remained in Gamlin's hands ever since.[2]


Notes And TriviaEdit

  • The Music Box holds the distinction of being the one of the few (if not the only) non-food jinx items in the Macross universe.
    • There are theories among fans that state the effect may have been complemented by the attached family picture, since it's also a common media trope that showing a photo of loved ones to a comrade while in a war also spells imminent doom.


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