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This article is about the faction officially known as the New United Nations Government. For the faction occasionally referred to as the new United Nations Government post-Space War I, see United Nations Government#History

The The New United Nations Government (新統合), also known as the New Unified Government or simply N.U.N., is a political federation in the Macross series that was founded when the existing United Nations Government had to reorganize as its constituency became too spread out throughout the galaxy. These events occured gradually throughout the series' timeline, with one such incident depicted in Macross VF-X2. The government's military branch is the New United Nations Spacy or N.U.N.S.


Contrary to popular belief, the New United Nations Government was not founded after humanity's war with the Zentradi. The conflict, known simply as Space War I, resulted in the catastrophic loss of roughly six billion lives. Nevertheless, humanity achieved peace and a new Unified Government was established, with their sole goal being the rapid colonization through "Super Long Range Emigration Fleets".

By A.D. 2047, thanks to an aggressive breeding and cloning programs that resulted from the Humanity Seeding project, the survivors of the war managed to grow their population to 750 billion citizens. The 2050s however saw citizens of emmigrant fleets and colonists desire a more decentralized form of government. The previous decades saw civil unrest and a growing independence movement that the current centralized government was ill-equipped to deal with given the immense distance between its constituents. A crisis between U.N. Forces, Latence and the VF-X Ravens resulted in the reorganization of the original unified government into the New United Nations Government, where autonomous government agencies would elect a head to represent their interests.[1]

In A.D. 2067, galactic human population numbered at around 1.4 trillion, with half-Zentradi citizens growing to 600 billion, and another trillion making up other alien races. This brought the sum total of citizens under the N.U.N. at three trillion.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • The novelization of Macross Frontier states that the current political system shifted from a centralized system to a local autonomous system due to incidents depicted during the Playstation game Macross VF-X2.


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