Nora Polyansky (ノーラ・ポリャンスキー Nōra Poryansukī), whose callsign is Schwalbe Deux, is an Anti-UN Forces variable fighter pilot and one of the antagonists in the Macross Zero OVA. She pilots a wine-red SV-51γ and is the wingman and partner of D.D.Ivanov.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Nora is creature driven purely by revenge, showing her sadistic streak when in the cockpit of a variable fighter. This is especially true when up against United Nations Military pilots, whom she feels are weak and unworthy of mercy. She also is pretty callous towards the environment, willing to drop fuel bombs to incinerate an entire forest to complete her objectives.

Nora's intense hatred towards the United Nations Government stems from her family being massacred by U.N. soldiers. Nora herself was submitted to torture and interrogation, leaving scars on her body and soul. She likes to subject prisoners to the same kind of cruel treatment.


In 2008, Nora first appeared flying her wine-red SV-51γ, single-handedly taking down a squadron of United Nations Military F-14s including the one piloted by Shin Kudō and Edgar LaSalle. Nora and her wingmate, D.D.Ivanov then led an assault against U.N. Forces stationed on a Mayan Island. Using an Auerstädt submarine aircraft carrier as their staging ground, their objective was to retrieve a mysterious alien artifact known as the "AFOS" or "Bird Human", that may have had ties to the "Human Protoculture Intervention" hypothesis proposed by Dr. Hasford.

Nora and D.D. conduct a night raid against the CVN-99 Asuka II and the U.N. Navy fleet to retrieve the "AFOS", but are thwarted by Shin and Roy Focker. She later joins Dr. Hasford in trying to capture Shin and Sara Nome, hoping they would lead them to the "Bird Human" artifact. She later reveals to Sara and Aries Turner that the true purpose of the United Nations Military's "Operation Iconoclasm", was the complete annihilation of the Mayan Island if they couldn't acquire the "Bird Human" artifact. Nora was eventually killed after she was shot from behind by the "Bird Human" and its "Song of Destruction".


Wingmate and lover. They often show public displays of affection in the submarine hangar but when in the cockpit of their respective SV-51s, they are a force to be reckoned with.


Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Nora appears by name only in the Macross Ace Frontier video game. She has no cut-in graphic nor voiced lines.
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