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Nyan-Nyan (娘々) is a chain of Chinese restaurants featured in the Super Dimension Fortress Macross and Macross Frontier television series.


The original restaurant belonged to Lynn Shaochin and Lynn Feichun. Their niece, Lynn Minmay, worked there as a waitress. It was located in Macross City, South Ataria Island. The owners and their niece lived in the rooms on top of the restaurant. (SDFM: "Boobytrap", "Countdown"")

Space War I

After the SDF-1 Macross folded into the far reaches of the Solar System, Macross City was rebuilt aboard the ship. Nyan-Nyan, the home and workplace of Shaochin, Feichun and Minmay were among the buildings relocated there. (SDFM: "Lynn Minmay")


Ranka Lee and Nanase Matsuura worked at a branch on the Macross Frontier colony. Ranka became the star of their commercials and sang their popular jingle, "Choujikuu Hanten Nyan-Nyan" CM Song〈Ranka Version〉.

As seen in the commercial, their most popular menu items are the Tuna Bun and the Zentradi Rice Bowl.


On the planet Ragna, there was a restaurant named Ragnyannyan (裸喰娘々(らぐにゃんにゃん) Ragunyannyan, a pun on "Ragna" and "Nyan-Nyan") ran by pilot Chuck Mustang, who referred to it as the "male quarters" and took pride in his jellyfish dishes - especially his Spicy Miso Jellyfish Dumplings. Some of Ragnyannyan's famous dishes included Jellyfish manju, Ragna Fried Rice, Local Jellyfish Dumplings & Jellyfish Ramen. Members of the Delta Squadron and Walküre were usually have meals there while planning for their missions and celebrations. Chuck managed the restaurant along with his four other siblings, among them, his younger brothers are Hack and Zack. The mercats frequently steal their customers' dinners. It is revealed in the Delta Mini-Theater OVA that they are not connected to the Nyan-Nyan group.

Notes & Trivia

  • The name is derived from the Chinese word for girl ( niáng). When the word is transliterated into Japanese, it becomes Nyan (ニャン), which is coincidentally the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound a cat makes.
  • In the PSP Macross games Ultimate and Triangle Frontier, Nyan-Nyan serves as the in-game shop where players can buy VF units, tuning points, characters and others. The currency used is the Nyan-Nyan point. The shopkeeper is usually Ranka Lee, but Sheryl Nome replaces her on occasion.

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