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Petite Cola (プティット・コーラ Putitto Kōra) is a brand of cola first depicted in the Super Dimension Fortress Macross television series. As early as 2009, Petite Cola possessed the technology of totally automatic vending machines that can move when they recognize a person's request for a drink [1].


Space War I

On February 7, 2009, the launch day of the SDF-1 MacrossHikaru Ichijyo had interfered with the aerobatic demonstration above South Ataria Island that Roy Focker was providing commentary for, he approached a Petite Cola machine while both boasted about their piloting achievements. He got a can for himself and one for Roy and they discussed the fact Roy broke his promise to return to Hikaru's father's air circus. They then saw Yoshio demanding a cola from Lynn Minmay and the automated Petite Cola machine rushed over to their location (SDFM: "Boobytrap").


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For the Robotech equivalent, visit Petite Cola.

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