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Prologue on the Battlefield (戦場のプロローグ Senjō no Purorōgu, lit. Battlefield's Prologue) is Mission 01 of Macross Δ. A preliminary version originally aired as Mission 0.89 on December 31, 2015 at 18:00 JST on Tokyo MX and BS11 as a TV special called Macross Δ Episode 1 Prefetch Edition (『マクロスΔ(デルタ)』#1先取りエディション Makurosu Deruta Dai-ichi Sakidori Edishon) and it aired again on April 3, 2016 with some changes to the animation as part of the main run of the series.


On the planet Al Shahal's port, part time worker and teenager Hayate meets a girl named Freyja, a stowaway lurking in a container. In order to audition for the tactical sound unit "Walküre", she has been "jumping" away from her home planet.[1]


Act One

In Shahal City, on the planet Al Shahal, Hayate Immelman discovers a stowaway named Freyja Wion in the shipping docks. Freyja stowed away to run away from an arranged marriage and to audition for the idol group Walküre on the planet Ragna, but Hayate informs her that she is on the wrong planet. When a Vars outbreak suddenly causes Zentradi soldiers to go rogue and attack the city, Walküre and Delta Squadron scramble to contain the threat, but are later on met by the Aerial Knights in a fierce dogfight. During the battle, Freyja sings along with Walküre and assists with suppressing the Vars while Hayate commandeers an abandoned Valkyrie and uses it to protect Freyja.






Notes & Trivia

The events of this episode took place on April 20, 2067.



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