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The Queadluun-Rau (クァドラン・ロー) is a Zentradi high-performance mobile battle powered suit for Meltrandior female Zentradi, first seen in the Super Dimension Fortress Macross television series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

While lightly armored, the airframe design excels in abundant fixed armaments and high-maneuverability combat performance with the Quimeliquola special inertia vector control system which is superior to most standard mecha equipment from both the Zentradi army and Supervision Army.


  • Medium Bore Impact Cannon
  • Tri-Barrel Laser Pulse Gun
  • Micro-Missile Launcher

Special Equipment & Features

  • Inertia Vector Control System


Manufactured by Quimeliquola 74710020692nd Zentradi Fully Automated Weaponry Development and Production. However, due to the higher performance, there were control difficulties and low deployment of this model.


Notes & Trivia

An advanced variant called Queadluun-Rhea can be seen in the Macross TV series, Macross Frontier.

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For the Robotech equivalent, visit Female Power Armor.

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