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Reaction Weaponry (反応兵器 hannou heiki) refers to weapons of mass destruction featured in the Macross Timeline. Common implementations include missiles (carried by Variable Fighters or warships) and shells for large calibre guns.[1]

Overview[edit | edit source]

They have been shown to demonstrate great destructive power notably in the downing of several thousand meter long Zentradi ships during Space War I. The power of an RW differs depending on the size of the warhead, and their explosive power can be adjusted.[1] Reaction weaponry is partially fueled by nuclear energy, but with the exception of some early generation weapons used around the time of Unification Wars on Earth it generates no radioactivity.[2] It is also presumably more powerful than nuclear weaponry.

History[edit | edit source]

Humanity's own reaction weapons were born from their own analysis of Overtechnology. However, the original Reaction Weaponry were produced and operated during the era of the Protoculture, becoming a lost technology to the Zentradi.[1]

Space War I[edit | edit source]

The Zentradi would encounter the legendary reaction weapons again when ARMD-01 and SF-3A Lancer II space fighters launched their missiles, successfully destroying several Thuverl-Salan-class battleships.(SDFM: "Boobytrap")

Post-Space War I[edit | edit source]

Limitations were imposed on their use in the treaty signed after the war, they were acknowledged as one of the strongest weapons.[1]

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