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Regult Light Missile Carrier are Battle Pods featured in the Super Dimension Fortress Macross television series.


The Regult, being the Zentradi's main combat mecha, was designed to be equipped with many optional weapons to increase effectiveness and adapt to different mission requirements. This is one of those variants.

Sacrificing the aft-mounted anti-aircraft laser cannons, the Light Missile Carrier features two missile launchers on a single mount. Each of the two launchers features twelve guided missiles for use in close combat.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The missiles utilized can vary significantly from single warheads to energy beam "flechette" missiles. Optimizing the weapons payload, the Light Missile Carrier has the option of firing single warheads, rapid succession payloads or burst groups of two-to-four missiles.


Though primarily used for anti-aircraft/anti-mecha purposes, in large numbers the Light Missile Carrier is a danger even to large capital ships and is often found in mixed groups of Reguld mecha along side Heavy Missile Carriers and standard Regulds.

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For the Robotech equivalent, visit Light Artillery Battlepod.

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