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The SDFN-class ships are the mass-produced version of the original SDF-1 Macross and appear almost identical (including fully functional transformation). These emigrant vessels were built for the purpose of investigating and securing routes in advance of Super-Long Distance Colonization Ships (Megaroad-class). The SDFN is a new model built as a new fold-capable space battleship cruiser and developed as an intermediate immigration ship. The SDFN Class holds only a small-scale emigrant crew of 10,000 people (military and civilian) that is just sufficient for an advance team.

A total of twelve SDFN class ships were built. Since the engines and armaments for the SDFN class were diverted from Zentradi medium-sized warships, each warship differs in armament.

Known SDFN ships:

  • SDFN-8 General Vrlitwhai Kridanik - The eighth first-generation Macross-class ship that colonized the planet Ouroboros. As of A.D. 2060, it has settled in the archipelago area known as Vrlitwhai City, the capital of the planet Ouroboros.
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