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The SDP-1 Stampede Valkyrie is a variable fighter featured in the The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Remember Me.


Much of the conflict in Space War I involved many Zentradi warships engaging the lone SDF-1 Macross of the United Nations Government. Though versatile and plentiful, the VF-1 Valkyrie could not assault the enormous Zentradi ships of the line without using Reaction Missiles (most of which were held in reserve by the U.N.G. to be used when most needed against a full-scale Zentradi offensive).

An anti-ship assault Valkyrie was needed and quickly built based on developing variants like the Super FAST Pack system and GBP-1S Armor systems. The SDP-1 Stampede Valkyrie came into service later than the Super and GBP-1S variants, but fulfilled the operational role of a heavy variable fighter that could assault large warships directly.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The SDP-1 Stampede Valkyrie was fundamentally a modified VF-1 Valkyrie with a new head unit to assist fire control of the many heavy weapon systems. Modified for space combat specifically, the SDP-1 lacked a GERWALK configuration (though the SDP-1 system could be ejected when required) and the reduced maneuverability due to the added mass made the Stampede Valkyrie vulnerable to smaller enemy attack vehicles. However, the incredible firepower of the large particle beam gun and heavy gatling gun along with dozens of missiles made the SDP-1 a difficult fighter to assault without large numbers. The SDP-1 could quickly deploy in battle and with escorting fighters for protection the heavy weapons of the Stampede Valkyrie proved very effective at damaging large warships.



  • Large-bore charged particle beam gun
  • Triple-barrel gatling gun

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