Sharon Apple (シャロン・アップル Sharon Appuru?) is one of the antagonists of the Macross Plus OVA and its compilation movie. She is an artificially intelligent idol singer created by Myung Fang Lone.


Sharon Apple was the chart-topper in the planet Eden as the first (and only) virtual idol in existence. Her songs can touch the emotions of anyone.

Unbeknownst to the public, Sharon's AI is incomplete. The only way she can actually project and express emotions is while under the control of Myung Fang Lone. When the lead scientist Marge Gueldoa installs an untested and illegal chip that makes her a sentient (and in turn, uncontrollable) being, she tried to take over the city.


Myung Fang Lone

Sharon's ostensible manager, but actually her controller. After she becomes an independent being, she set out to destroy her and Isamu.


Notes & Trivia

  • Though the incident in Eden destroyed her image in the public eye, Sharon's songs are occasionally played on the radio in subsequent titles of the franchise. In fact, the intro announcement in Sheryl Nome's concert heard in the Macross Frontier Movie: The False Songstress still recognized her as one of the major pillars of the music industry alongside Lynn Minmay and Fire Bomber
  • Sharon becomes selectable as a support character in Macross Δ Scramble after purchasing DLC Pack 2. She is one of the few singer supports that doesn't restore HP, but her unique song effect is the increase in player attack power plus all enemies losing the ability to block.
    • She has two selectable songs in-game: Information Overload & Wanna Be An Angel. The former cannot be used as mission BGM, however.
    • Sharon summons Lil Drakens instead of X-9 Ghosts to assist Isamu and Guld in the DLC Pack 2 Bonus Mission where she is featured in the same game.