Shoji Kawamori Macross Design Works is a large volume (207 pages) with a dust cover. The book includes all Shōji Kawamori's Valkyrie line art from the Macross anime television series, movies and video games. This book is an absolute dream for those that love Kawamori line art of the Macross Valkyries and contains so much material it will give you new found respect for Kawamori's Macross creations of the last 20+ years. The book also contains a significant portion of line art never published before. This book has only a single problem; it should have been larger, preferably in dimensions like Kawamori's later Design Works book. Some of the artwork is small and the publishers occasionally include too much material on a single page. But this book gets almost everything else right and is a fantastic compilation. Also noteworthy is the fact this modern publication reproduces the line art faithfully while avoiding any digitization.[1]