Silvie Gena (シルビー·ジーナ Shirubī Jīna?) is one of the main protagonists of Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II: Lovers Again and its compilation movie. She is an ace Valkyrie II variable fighter pilot and commander of the Faerie Squadron.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Silvie Gena is an enigma. She has a Meltrandi grandmother, from whom she inherited her recklessness and prowess at fighting (reportedly second only to Nexx Gilbert), and becomes very angry at the Mardook when she discovers that the aliens brainwash their Zentradi and Meltrandi soldiers. Despite this, she is highly disciplined, and doesn't take fools lightly. These feelings soon change after her experiences with Hibiki Kanzaki and Ishtar.


Hibiki's pursuit of a scoop of her secret meeting with Supreme Commander Exxegran prompts Silvie to punch the reporter in the nose. The two form a bitter rivalry soon after, as he feels the military is hiding the truth from the public. As the war with the Mardook grows ever more violent, her feelings and loyalty towards the military begin to shift. Her later encounter with Ishtar and the eventual defeat of the enemy prompts her to soften her attitude. She also begins to have feelings for Hibiki Kanzaki, and the two eventually become a couple.