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While acknowledging the power of music in the original Space War I, Macross 7 introduces a new concept of Song Energy. In the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Lynn Minmay's music was a way of bringing culture to the Zentradis, causing similar effects when exposing the Zentradis to acts of kissing and human intimacy. However, Macross 7 expands and builds the concept of Song Energy on the already established fact of music's effectiveness in the last war.


In Macross 7, experiments to find out the full potentials of music were conducted. Later, it is found out that music generates a source of energy called Song Energy, which can help Spiritia deprived vegetative people to recover. Song Energy is used to combat the Protodevilns. The Sound Booster was created to in order to amplify and control the projection of this energy in battle against the Protodevilns.



The Protodevilns, the villains in Macross 7, are especially prone to the Song Energy generated from music. In other words, the Protodevilns are not so much affected by music like the Zentradis, who lose their will to fight after being exposed to music, but instead are affected by music's Sound Energy, which causes them to lose strength. Logically, since the Protodevilns are an altogether different enemy compared to the Zentradi, they must at least react differently than the Zentradis when exposed to music or only react to certain components of music (i.e., Song Energy). However, in the end, it is also revealed that music can help the Protodevilns to generate their own Spiritia without having to extract it from other sentient beings.


Song Energy has no effect on the uncultured Zentradis. For instance, in Macross 7: Encore, 'Fleet Of The Strongest Women', Basara Nekki shoots out Song Energy from his Valkyrie's Sound Booster to the squadron of Queadluun-Raus led by their leader Chlore. His endeavor failed to achieve the same effect of Lynn Minmay's singing in the last war due to the fact that his mounted Sound Booster was destroyed before he could sing anything. Finally, when Basara decides to use the gun pod Gamma, a giant sound amplifier on Chlore's ship, and starts singing, the right effect was achieved, causing a 'culture shock' within the Meltlandi fleet, and the Meltlandis were successfully 'cultured'.

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