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Spiritia Level (スピリチアレベル Spiritia level) is the second episode of Macross 7. It aired on October 23, 1994.


Gamlin Kizaki and Gadget M. Chiba visit the pilots wounded in the last encounter, including Docker, discussing their mysterious condition. Captain Maximilian Jenius and Exsedol Folmo are also puzzled by the new weapons used by the enemies.

The Fire Bomber band lead singer Basara Nekki works on a new song in his apartment. Fire Bomber young guitarist, Mylene Flare Jenius, is pursued by her mother, Milia Fallyna Jenius. Mylene hides in Basara's apartment.

As the band prepares for their next show, City 7 is once again attacked by mysterious aliens, and Basara once again abandons the concert to head to space. Similarly Diamond Force pilots including Gamlin and Physica Fulcrum launch to intercept the invaders, who are led by Gigile. Basara starts singing Planet Dance, launching speaker pods into the enemy fighters. After another inconclusive engagement, the invaders retreat. Basara, annoyed that the enemies left before he could finish his song, returns to his stalled concert.




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