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Standard Battleline Battleship is a ship featured in the Macross 7 television series.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Distinguished in a colored hull of green and grey, the Standard Battleline Battleship is the primary capital warship of the Varauta Army. The Battleline Battleship features heavy weapons and armor for intense ship-to-ship combat as well as docking facilities for numerous variable fighters. The forward half of the Battleline Battleship is constructed with many slot-based sections that can extend and retract. The dorsal slot sections are equipped with catapults, each capable of launching four stowed variable fighters on it's upper deck. The ventral slot sections feature anti-ship missile launchers. U.N. Spacy analysts have suggested the Standard Batteline Battleship has an obvious design lineage to both U.N. Spacy and Zentradi technology. In particular, the green and grey hull is colored very similar to Zentradi warships and is fairly supple in design. The overall function of the Standard Battleship seems to follow that of the Guantanamo-class Stealth Carrier featuring a similar hull shape and prominent forward launching port.

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